By Helping Others Reach Their Goals, Eric Pulier has continued to Rise in his Innovative Career in Technology

Eric Pulier has done well for himself over the years. As a man who wears many hats, he has successfully shone in all areas. His innovative mind in technology has given him the privilege to work with prominent people. He was part of the 2nd inauguration of the former United States president, Bill Clinton, where he created the Bridge to the 21st Century. Here, Pulier’s capabilities in technology were evidenced and recognized by many.

His Journey in Technology

Eric Pulier’s enthusiasm in technology started early in his life. He could create computer programs at fourth grade. He, however, chose a different course at Harvard University by taking up a course in English and American Literature to astonishment of others. He excelled in his school work, graduating magna cum laude. He also showcased his prowess in his area of study as he worked for the Harvard Crimson as a writer and editor. After completing his studies at Harvard in the early 90s, his focus shifted back to technology. He transferred to Los Angeles where he started his first startup, People Doing Things. He used the platform to sensitize people on the use of technology in fields, such as education and health care among others. He went on to start other ventures, such as Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and Akana among others.

Lighting a Star in Others

Eric Pulier draws motivation and inspiration from his ability to change the lives of other people positively. He is driven by the belief that persistently, each person is capable of rising to the top. He decided to ensure that world limitations do not hinder their success. His determination to create a better world for others is evidenced by his companies, such as Starbright World. Eric created this platform with critically-ill children in mind. The firm provides an interactive platform for such kids minimizing their loneliness when hospitalized. He also chose to be a motivator to the people who work hard against all the odds to achieve their goals when he started X-Prize Foundation. He uses the channel to reward those who push themselves harder to learn more about us: click here.

Current Engagement

Eric Pulier has not relented in his innovative journey. He recently started a company on cloud computing, vAtomic Systems. His persistence will surely take him places.