Kim Dao Enjoys The Runway!

It is the second day of the event. Kim Dao woke up late because she is still suffering from jet lag. She is currently at a restaurant with other Youtubers. They have a spread of food. They received a group picture from the event. It was put into a nice frame and given to them as a gift. They received their outfits for the fashion show. Kim Dao change into her outfit. She shows the full outfit. Learn more:


They all do the fashion show. Everyone has a good time. They go outside for a few to have a photoshoot. Kim Dao does her own personal photo session as well. They are heading back to Seoul. They have a pit stop for food but Kim Dao wants to wait until dinner. They make it to dinner. They end up at an Italian restaurant. There is wine on the table, giving it a romantic atmosphere. They ordered a lot of interesting meals. They were well presented. The napkins expanded when they were exposed to water. Learn more:


Kim Dao has made it back to the hotel and she is really tired. It is already midnight and she is about to take a shower. She plans on washing her hair. She has a plan for tomorrow. Kim Dao is going to meet up with some friends for a shopping trip. It is a free day for them and Kim Dao wants to show Faye around Korea. Kim Dao has been enjoying her trip. Learn more:


Youtube vlog here.