Sergio Cortes Speaks Out About The Flooding Situation in Xerem

At certain times of the year, rain can cause a problem. Even in nations that are used to heavy rains, officials may face problems that result from a long period of heavy and continued rain. Rain that stays in a given area may cause problems that make it very hard for those living there to carry out their daily activities. People may even be unable to live in their houses because such homes have been flooded from the problems with rain. Those who face such problems may also face other issues such as lack of access to potable water and even the possibility of contracting a serious disease.

This issue reported by Atanews has been a problem in an area of Brazil in recent weeks. Xerem, a part of Brazil located near Rio, has been subject to a great deal of rain. Many residents have been startled by the intensity of the rains here. They have also been caught unaware of the rains and have needed help them cope with their problems. Health officials in the region such as Sergio Cortes have rushed to provide for the needs of those residents who may not have access to important basics here such as clean water and a dry place to sleep. Reporters at Extra have sought out his thoughts on the current crisis and what he and other health officials are doing to provide for the needs of those who live in this area.

Cortes is a medical doctor who has been part of the efforts here. He is a health official who knows what kind of steps are needed to make sure that no additional problems from the floods in this region. This is why he and other officials here caution that it is important to provide the right kind of aid to residents. One of their aims at this point in time is to make sure all residents have access to water that is clean. This is why officials have helped bring bottled water. Water that is contaminated as a result of floods can have problems that may include the spread of dangerous and contagious diseases. Niteroi reports that Cortes and other officials urge those wanting to donate to help flood victims to consider donating bottled water to help in such efforts. They urge residents to use such water at all times.

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