How Panattoni Developers Are Aiding Real Estate Demands

The internet is the growing trend in buying and selling. It is the wave of the future and will present unlimited opportunity to not only those seeking products and services, but also those selling those products and services. Real estate will subsequently become available as malls and marketplaces find less need for brick and mortar buildings and more need for warehouses.

Panattoni Development out of California is one such real estate developer that is finding more demand for storage spaces and less demand for retail spaces. They have recently acquired more than 44 acres in the Nashville area. This land will be developed as premier storage facilities for clients.

This acquisition is a first for the developer. A first in that there are no specific tenants slated for the more than 600,000 square feet of available space. The project is forecast to be completed in early 2016 ad the developer hopes that tenants will flock to the location.

An entrepreneur like Scott Lumley is someone who may be a perfect fit for these spaces. As an internet seller, he does not deal with storefronts much. Although as his selling business has grow and flourished into three separate businesses, the demand for storing his wares is high.

Panattoni Development feels that their recent acquisition will be a huge success based mostly on their location. The warehouse units are very close to two major highways ad are well within the Nashville city region. As many in business and real estate understand, location can be the make or break point for success.

Available spaces in he Nashville project will vary in terms of sizes as well. The tenant will have a number of different options, as well as buildings to choose from. The over 600,000 square feet of space will span throughout three buildings. This will appeal to a number of different tenants with different size needs to meet their storage issues.

An entrepreneur like Scott Lumley can see the validity of the success that can be predicted for this project. As the Nashville area buildings are being bought and repurposed, the available storage space is quickly diminishing. While Scott Lumley holds the philosophy that customers are number one and their satisfaction should be guaranteed, not every business feels this way.

Panattoni seems to be meeting a demand and need in the storage market. They also are offering a number of options that will for adjustments as needs change. Success is in their future.