Kabbalah- Teaching the secret

Kabbalah has been confused and misinterpreted because up to date kabbalah has been concealed from the world. In various perspectives kabbalah is taken as the secret teaching but on the contrary kabbalah is the teaching of the secret. Kabbalah originated from Jewish, just like a normal human being believes in soul, Jewish believes inner wisdom – the soul of Judaism referred to as kabbalah.
Therefore Kabbalah is the cosmology of Judaism, the native theology and also the received wisdom. In Kabbalah in order for you to receive you must lose yourself. In Kabbalah you must be less ego-centered and more other-centered. It’s a point where one has to open up for higher reality and to review the spirit within every matter.
Another name of Kabbalah that is more reviling is “Torat ha-Sod”. Which is always misinterpreted ta the secret teaching instead of teaching the secret. Teaching of the secret, simply is trying to teach or elaborate something that has been hidden.

Teaching a secret is not easy, it is fraught with danger. The secret cannot be reviled without wrappings of parables and metaphors. The leader may understand the contest and fail to comprehend the deeper meaning. Kabbalah in most cases was taught to few selected students whom the teacher had most confidence in. It was done in writing and particularly the writings were in cryptic and arcane. At times, it would be whispered in parables, riddles or darkened illusions. This was to ensure that it doesn’t lose it meaningful purpose.

However, kabbalah is now presented to willing students at The Kabbalah Centre. The kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles, California is the largest internal organization dedicated in providing Kabbalistic teachings. The centre offers online courses, city-based centers and through study groups across the globe. The kabbalah center approaches to teaching students exclusively about kabbalah wisdom.

Kabbalah Centre was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlang in Jerusalem. Rav passed of his responsibilities to Yehuda Brandwein. Later in 1969 Rav Brandwein succeeded him and to date he remains the Director of The Kabbalah Centre, with his wife and his two sons assisting him.


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