Roberto Santiago: Transforming the City of Joao Pessoa

The construction of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall began in 1987, and was concluded after two years. This mall is owned by a famous Brazilian business guru, Roberto Santiago, who was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago schooled at Pio X Marist College and later enrolled for a Business Administration course at the University Center Joao Pessoa. He ventured into the business at an early age, working at the Café Santa Rosa before creating a cartonage firm that produced decorative items. Still in his early days, Roberto Santiago operated a blog where he wrote articles mainly touching on entertainment. After accumulating sizeable amount of savings from his entity, Roberto Santiago invested the money in a real estate property, where he proceeded to develop the Manaira Shopping.


Manaira Shopping Complex


Manaira Shopping is strategically located between Joao Pessoa’s north coast beaches and the center. It is recognized as a hub for both shopping and entertainment. Residents of the state of Paraiba can easily access this mall to enjoy numerous facilities offered at the mall. While designing the mall, Roberto wanted to develop a facility that provides satisfaction to the entire family. The has hundreds of shopping stores, several entertainment and hung-out areas for both adults and kids as well as hotel and restaurant sections. In addition, there is a college and also banking institutions, making Manaira Shopping a public place. The mall has numerous facilities that operate 24-hour a day, making it critical in boosting the economy of the city of Joao Pessoa.


Facilities at the Mall


The design of the Manaira Shopping ensured that several products and services are accessible to the public at one place. It is a convenient place where visitors are able to meet almost everything in terms of business, catering and entertainment needs. For instance, the entertainment section has 11 movie halls, equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced display and sound systems. The movie theaters also have 3D and VIP rooms to provide clients with exceptional movie experience. Manaira Shopping has amazing, modern and electronic tracks for bowling purposes. If you want to enjoy a memorable shopping spree, Manaira Shopping is the place to visit. There are over 200 shopping stores with different styles and tastes to fit all ages.


There are several catering sections at the mall for both to serve difference customer’s needs. Fast food units and full restaurant facilities for dining experience are all found at Manaira Shopping. These facilities have been expanded numerous times in 2008, 2012 and 2014. The expansion plan is to ensure that the needs of both local and international visitors have been addressed. Other facilities at Manaira Shopping include the gym, gaming area and the famous Domus Hall for concerts and other entertainment functions.