Slyce Technologies: A True Trailblazer

In today’s world, new technology is being released every minute that helps make our lives as a consumer more manageable. A leader in the world of technology is Slyce, a technology company that prides itself on being the number one contributor in shaping internet use and commerce. Slyce Technologies has recently gone above and beyond by creating technology that is breaking barriers and setting new standards in customer engagement. The creative and management teams responsible for Slyce Technologies’ recent act of trail blazing the world of internet commerce technology have over 50+ years of combined experience in the industry. The creative and management teams at Slyce have developed a business strategy that places them as the pivotal player in the web and internet commerce industries.

Slyce provides technology to retailers, brands, and visual search app developers that allow these entities to have their products available to be purchased instantly with the use of any smart phone. The most popular piece of technology created by Slyce, the company’s “snap to use” universal scanner, is changing the way consumers shop both online and in-person. This universal scanner allows users to snap an image of a barcode, specific item, or coupon and upload it to the manufacturers site for immediate purchase or discount! Shoe Carnival is the latest major player in the use of the Slyce Technologies universal scanner. In a recent article by NASDAQ, Shoe Carnival has announced that they will working with Slyce Technologies to launch a 3D visual app that will allow Shoe Carnival customers to take a photo of any shoe carnival footwear and receive search results for immediate purchase. As one of the nations largest family footwear providers, Shoe Carnival is an exciting milestone for Slyce Technologies and will surely boost the reputation of the company for an exciting future!