Rocketship Education Impact; What You Should Know

Rocketship Education opened up the first Rocketship school in a basement of a church in San Jose an area in California. Rocketship education has served a lot of people in the community around. This is despite the program being in its start up stages. The program is still working on the best way to offer quality services to the communities and its students. The organization has so far learned several lessons in their first decade of work.

The organization has learned that personalized learning simply starts at home. They have already held the helm of being pioneers of personalized learning. The organization has held its firm grounds of supporting the learning of students and promotion of student agency. Personalized learning entails a more deep understanding of the special interest and needs of every single student and family. This has made the organization innovate a pivotal exercise of the annual home visit. The exercise is to enable strengthen personalized learning. This program has changed the dynamics of learning. This was possible by creating a stronger teacher, student, and parent relationship.

The organization has honored the power of parent by building a new program. This program would enable families to exercise political voice, hold leaders to account and enable thrive public schools. Parents are expected to organize, engage and campaign for quality education in both high and middle schools. This is because the organization offers elementary education. Such movements have been witnessed in San-Jose, a place where quality middle and high schools have been opened by Rocketship parents such as Karen Martinez. The organization has also learned that for them to spur the magnitude of the problem, they need to catalyze the movement.

Rocketship Public schools headquarters is found in San Jose California. The organization has a large number of employees of up to 1000 from 501. The organization believes in numerous possibilities in potential owned by humans. The organization feels greatly obliged to set free the potential inside every person they serve. The non-profit organization works to better services in the elementary schools which are chattered. The organization has partnered up with parents, teachers, leaders, and students to transform the education sector.