Securus Helps to make Life Easier for Corrections Staff, Inmates and their FamiliestUs

Inmates often need the proper forms and documents to have specific services that are made available within their facilities. Most of these documents must be filled out by hand and must be turned in to the proper authorities before an inmate can receive a phone call, a visit or to file a grievance. ConnectUs is a video technology that allows inmates to have access to these documents from a computerized source.

In the past, prison officials had to fill out paperwork which allowed inmates to have the services that they needed while behind bars. With the ConnectUs system, prison officials will not have to spend a great deal of time filling out forms for inmates. Inmates (or their family members) can fill out the documents that they need. Prison officials can also write out the documents that they need to authorize for certain benefits and privileges for inmates.

ConnectUs provides many different types of forms such as using video visitation technology, hosting phone calls, obtaining commissary, accessing websites, filling out job applications and being able to access education programs. Other forms include Inmate Request Applications, Inmate Handbook documents and Law Library applications.

Keep in mind that Securus provides inmate communications technology in many prison systems throughout the country. Their premiere service is the Video Visitation App which allows inmates and their family members to communicate with one another over a video terminal.

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ConnectUs is just one way that Securus is able to make life easier for prison officials and inmates and their families. You can find out more about Securus and ConnnectUs at PRN.