Mr. Sheldon Lavin – CEO of the OSI Group

Mr. Sheldon Lavin serves at OSI Group, a company that specializes in processing meat and food, as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group branches include OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. Mr. Lavin started working in the food processing industry as an outsider but became a professional in due course. He became a solemn head in the field of banking and finance. Due to his expertise in the banking and finance sector, Mr. Sheldon Lavin established his own firm that specializes in providing consulting services.

He started his career journey into the meat and food processing industry in 1970. During this time, he served at Otto & Sons Company, helping the company by offering professional financial consultation services. The company the opportunity of becoming hamburger suppliers in the Midwest to the McDonald’s Corporation. However, the Otto & Sons Company did not secure the opportunity due to lack of enough funds. The company, therefore, sought a financial solution from Mr. Sheldon Lavin. In the process of aiding Mr. Otto and his sons, Lavin was requested by the bank to own the Otto & Sons Company, but he refused. Instead, Mr. Sheldon Lavin opted to serve for the Otto & Sons as a financial consultant, but not a business associate.

Later in 1975, Mr. Sheldon became a business partner with the two sons of Otto after the company owners decided to look for business investments in foreign countries. This led to Otto & Sons Company transforming to OSI Group. The firm has expanded its business operations across Australia, South Africa, North America, Japan, Philippines, India, and Europe. Currently, the company has developed to be the leading supplier of protein worldwide. Moreover, the company operates in more than 16 countries and has over 55 facilities.

Lavin’s remarkable achievement of job growth of the OSI group globally and bringing the company onto the international scene led to him being crowned a Global Visionary Award. This award was presented to him on February 20, 2016, by India’s Vision World Academy. The medal is crowned to honor visionaries in different sectors who have realized their dreams by making them true by showing persistence to meet their targets. Mr. Sheldon Lavin contributed a lot in numerous philanthropic acts such as the Evans Scholarship Fund, Inner City Foundation, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, and National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As a result, Lavin has been granted a number of medals from charitable and business activities.

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The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of OSI Group, LLC, Lavin has an incredibly big profile in the food and meat processing industry. Currently, Lavin Sheldon acts as the OSI International food Limited president and remains vigorously involved in various operations of the company.

Mr. Lavin developed wide industry knowledge when he was involved in the financing of Otto and Sons, which eventually developed into OSI Group. OSI group, under the leadership and vision of Lavin grew at a fast rate from just a domestic food processing firm to become an industry leader. OSI group currently has more than 60 locations across 60 countries globally.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Lavin in scaling OSI Group onto the international landscape and also contributing to the growth of jobs across the world, Lavin received an award known as the Global Visionary award on 20th February 2016. Lavin said that he was humbled and honored for winning such important award and is extremely proud of the work in his life in assisting OSI Group to expand internationally. Lavin has dedicated his life to the company’s welfare and that of its hardworking employees.

Apart from globally expanding OSI’s Group operation, the company can boost of sustainability and environmental awards under the watch of Lavin. This is one thing that Lavin hopes that the coming generations of leaders in corporate world will continue prioritizing. When Lavin was asked about his long success list, he says that he aims at inspiring the next generation of the corporate world leaders to commit themselves to expanding their companies in very responsible ways that add to the growth of opportunities and global commerce for their employees to learn more: click here.

While the words of wisdom of Lavin are quite uplifting, he is not slowing down in the coming future. Lavin still allocates time to remain much involved in most charitable activities like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The most important thing that Lavin is proud of in his career is that he can bring up his three children together with his wife and still be able to give back to the community.


David McDonald was born and bred in Iowa. He is the present President and Chief Operations Officer of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is a meat processing holding company. OSI Group was established in Chicago, United States in 1909 and caters for retail and food service industries.

The headquarters of the company is in Aurora, Illinois. Mr. McDonald studied at the Iowa State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the discipline of Animal Science. His career started at OSI Group where he was the Project Manager. He also chaired North American Meat Institute at the same time. He has put a lot of effort to become the President the OSI Group. He is also the Director of the Group’s International Foods Australian branch.

As President, he guarantees that the Group has a logistics team with personnel who possess the necessary knowledge and skill. Mr. McDonald believes that the logistics team works cohesively with the local administration team to ensure uninterrupted operations. Through him, the group has the necessary offices and facilities globally. These are indispensable in managing the organization’s operations in America and overseas. The company announced plans for a plant for branded private label frozen entrees in Geneva, Ill.

Baho Food is a Dutch company with five subsidiary enterprises that was newly purchased by OSI Group. McDonald supported the move entirely as he thought it was an impeccable policy to broaden the presence of the OSI Group in Europe. The company has been in the poultry production sector for more than two decades in China and with McDonald’s guidance, the group now owns ten factories in the country. They are now offering services to outlets including Starbucks and Subway. The company engages with clients to establish valuable to them. With adequate resources and experts, they convert concepts into actual products. For more info about us: click here.