Take One on Your Kisser

Lip balms, the posh care product for keeping your kisser in kissable shape, are a kissing cousin to lipsticks and lip glosses. Many are beeswax based and dermatological tested for hypoallergenic safety. Some companies also tout responsible sourcing of the ingredients that create these luscious lip pleasures. Some lip balms can be tinted, but most are favorably flavored. No wonder men, women, boys, and girls alike indulge in this lip pampering. For women who want a more natural glow, tinted lip balms can be a pleasant alternative to heavy, greasy, boldly colored lipsticks. Lip balms are also a favored alternative to lip gloss, eliminating the sticky, glossy feeling, and providing a more lightweight feel.

Evolution of Smooth offers lip balms that are a top rated choice for those who are looking for a natural product. Their lip balms are 95% organic and 100% natural. Shea butter, vitamins E and C, and jojoba oil, provide the base for their products. These lip balms are also paraben and petrolatum free. EOS lip balms glide on smoothly, most are not tinted, and provide long-lasting moisturization. Most of their lip balms are packaged in what they call “spheres”, little pots of balm that can be applied directly to your lips, or with your finger.

Since flavoring is a major draw to lip balms, Evolution of Smooth does not disappoint your kissable kisser. The Organic line of spheres comes in 8 delectable flavors. Their Active Protection line offers 2 flavors, each sporting an SPF rating of 30. They also offer 2 tinted lip balms with a shimmer finish, both unflavored. Evolution of Smooth’s Visibly Soft line offers 3 flavors of balms.

Whether you purchase online at Evolution of Smooth, the Luckyvitamin website and Ulta or a local retailer such as Target, Rite Aid, CVS, or Costco, you are sure to find a formula and flavor perfect for your kisser. And that’s no lip service!

Check out: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eos-Sweet-Mint-Lip-Balm-0.25-oz/15136069

Slyce Could Change The Way Retailers Relate To Customers

Landing on the Fortune 500 list means a corporation has achieved great success and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. Fortune 500 companies do not try to rest on their laurels. The companies seek to grow. A Fortune 500 toy retailer signed a contract with Toronto’s Slyce to integrate visual search software and discount coupon codes into its online sales. The toy company is very thrilled with having chosen to work with Slyce. Revenues are going to be doubled during the term of the contract with Slyce.

Slyce is a startup that offers – among other things – product recognition software and apps designed to help customers locate merchandise based on the ability to match a photo via an app. Rather than go through a cumbersome “typing text into a box” search, a consumer is able to run an image through a website.

Such a program does more than help out the consumer. The retailer definitely benefits from the purchases. Slyce is looking to greatly help out retailers even more. The arrival of Slyce Link is intended to present shoppers with alternatives to their primary choice.

Why would the consumer need to look at a secondary choice? The original might not be sold by a particular retailer. The item might be out of stock. Upon performing a search, the customer is going to see visual images of similar products. An innovative software program of this nature could keep a host of retailers from losing money. Customers who purchase second choices are still making a buy. Companies do need to make sales and Slyce Link could help keep those numbers up.

MarketWired goes into great detail about Slyce Link and the toy retailer event. Those wishing to learn a bit more about the intriguing product recognition company named Slyce may wish to read the entire article.