Norka Luque Continues to Inspire the Masses with Her Messages oF Love and Hope through Music

Norka Luque Continues to Inspire the Masses with Her Messages OF Love and Hope through Music.

Norka Luque is a singer of Venezuelan decent. Though she is an upcoming artist, her powerful words, and the remarkable voice keeps granting her international fame. Her music talent began to manifest during his studies in France where she had a chance to be a member of a band. The group tethered her to her aspiration of becoming a successful singer. She later graduated with a degree in the Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion.

Her dream came alive four years ago when Emilio Estefan Jr, a revered music producer, registered interest in her work and her door to singing professionally suddenly opened. In her statement after getting the opportunity, Norka Luque said it is a chance many gifted artists yearn for. She added that it is a great honor and a dream come true for a renowned producer like Emilio Estefan to recognize her work, and she’s looking forward to learning a lot from him.

Unlike other artists, Norka Luque went through a rough patch to get where she is today. Despite all the knock backs, she forged ahead. Her greatest inspiration was her family. Since childhood, her family allowed her to pursue arts like music, dance, composition and flamenco. As things started breaking her way in arts, she branched out to professional education. That’s how she ended up in the Business School in France.

Norka Luque’s music breakthrough came with the promotion of MILARGO, a famous hit theme song. The song was promoted via El Cata. Emilio produced the hit song in conjunction with gifted artists such as Luigi Geraldo, Hermanos Gaitan, and Archie Pena. Today, MILARGO is ruling the airwaves in numerous countries such as Venezuela, United States, and Puerto Rico. The song has also made it in the prestigious Latin Music Billboard list.

What makes the song even more appealing to multicultural communities is because it’s a combination of Caribbean sounds, reggae, and Mediterranean traces. But the greatest theme of MILARGO’S success is the precious message of love and hope.

Norka Luque even gave out a statement regarding the overwhelming success of MILARGO. She pointed out that she wanted to embody her feelings and real life experiences through the song. She recognized that her inner circle was eager to disseminate a message of hope to uplift those facing the same predicaments in life. Norka Luque, through her song, only wanted to pass on a message of love, hope, and dreams to achieve greater success despite the insurmountable odds.