Growth and Expectations Drive Tony Patrello’s Leadership for Oil Industry and Community

Tony Patrello began with Nabor Industries LTD in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer and quickly became President of the oil and gas drilling company by 1992. After his appointment of Chief Executive Officer in 2011, Tony has led the company towards new heights and direction using innovative trends which have set the stage for a highly competitive platform within the oil industry.

Nabor Industries LTD currently operates 29 charter fleet marine vessels. The company has developed into the world’s largest and most-advanced geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor known in the industry. The company owns the land-based drilling fleets which it then provides to off-shore platform workers. With operations in the United States, Middle East and Africa, Nabor Industries LTD has global connections with clients all over the world. Nabor Industries LTD is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda and has 13,000 employees.Tony earned a BS and MS degree in mathematics from Yale University and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. His business career began in 1979 when he joined the New York law firm, Baker and Mckenzie, which he served as Managing Partner until his departure in 1991.

Since his appointment as CEO and subsequent Chairman for Nabor Industries LTD the company has far exceeded industry expectations. Tony’s leadership has created an environment that has allowed the company to achieve great technological advancements within the oil and gas drilling industry. Nabor Industries LTD continues to grow its profit margin, and in return, raise capital for its investors. The company has continued to sustain posting a gross profit within their financial statement. Within the last three consecutive years, Nabor Industries LTD has profited almost $5 billion combined.

Tony’s expectations for driving the industry forward are proven by the results Nabor’s Industries LTD has garnered through his leadership. He continues to use his leadership platform to position the company towards achieving greatness through innovative and creative ideas.When not leading the company, Tony gives back to the community as a philanthropist. Tony currently serves on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital which is a non-profit organization that provides healthier futures for children who have been diagnosed with neurological disorders.

SEC Whistle Blower Advocate Can Help You Maximize Your Reward

Question: In the post Dodd-Frank era, what incentives exist for whistleblowers to help bring unscrupulous financial-sector professionals to justice for illegal practices?

Answer: Money and lots of it.

SEC whistleblower attorneys can help individuals get the most reward for their information.

Whether a person is an US citizen or foreign national residing in the US, they may file a whistleblower claim themselves and are still eligible to receive compensation in exchange for their information. However, the majority of whistleblowers are much better off securing the services of experienced professionals with a past history of securing the highest reward settlements possible.

Whistleblowers that aid the SEC will receive a lucrative cash reward if government agencies are able to recover at least one million dollars as a result of the whistleblower’s actions. Best of all, whistleblowers are entitled to complete anonymity and job protection.

Recently, under the Dodd-Frank program, one whistleblower received an award of over thirty million dollars in exchange for information that lead to the exposure of one of the largest instances of SEC fraud in US history!

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act was created in 2010 to assist the US Government in securing information used to bring unscrupulous Wall Street investment bankers, traders, and other members of the financial industry to justice after the 2008 financial crisis nearly crippled the world economy and brought about the largest financial meltdown since the collapse of the stock market in the 1920’s.

A whistleblower is entitled to receive a reward of ten to thirty percent based on the amount the agency collects as a result of the information they provide to the Securities & Exchange Commission. One caveat of concern, the amount recovered must be at least one million dollars.

A set of arcane laws are used to determine the amount of the reward provided and an experienced professional can often convince the SEC to award the maximum dollar amount for the information being provided. A few factors involved in the determination are:

  • The importance of the information provided by the whistleblower and how it will impact the overall financial market.
  • The level of assistance provided by the whistleblower and/or their representative.
  • The “programmatic interest” of the SEC with apropos of deterring future, similar crimes from taking place.

These are just a few, brief examples of the myriad of arcana that are cited when determining the value of compensation granted for the whistleblower’s services.

For a whistleblower looking to maximize the value of their information, it becomes essential to locate a representative that has dealt with the SEC previously, and understands how to navigate the murky depths of their legal codex.

Attorney Ross Abelow Starts a Fundraiser for Animals

Often, the last thing people think about when they think of animal shelters is how the animals is who pays for the animals’ care. Attorney Ross Abelow, long-time New Yorker, has not only thought about it—he’s doing something about it.

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Launched on January 13, 2016, Abelow started a fundraiser. This fundraiser benefits the New York area animal shelters. He has a goal to raise $5,000 to help the shelters pay for many things people don’t think about like:
• Blankets for homeless animals
• Food
• Medical care
These things are the most needed at animal shelters.

Winter is the Worse Time for Pets

Everyone knows what happens in winter. The temperatures drop dramatically. While people focus on bundling up and sheltering their pets from the cold, there are animals that don’t have that luxury. Homeless and abused animals are left out in the cold. Unfortunately, many shelters don’t have the room, finances and necessities to help every animal in need.

It’s why Abelow is stepping up. He desperate to prevent animal deaths. He also wants to give more of those animals a space shelters. It’s why this fundraiser means so much to him. Abelow is hoping that more people feel the way he does about animals in need and will step up with him. Raising $5,000 will be great. Exceeding that amount will be awesome!

Ross Abelow is a licensed attorney. He began practicing in New York State in 1990. He’s a long-time resident of the area and an avid New Yorker. He graduated with his undergraduate degree from the State University of New York. He then completed his law degree at Brooklyn Law School. He graduated with his law degree in 1989.

Abelow specializes in family and matrimonial law, commercial litigation and entertainment law. He’s spent 26 years defending clients prior to become partner at the Abelow & Cassandro, LLP.
When he’s not working for clients, he spends his time writing legal articles and blogs. His goal is helping people learn more about the law as much as he can.

If you are interested in helping Abelow meet and surpass his fundraising goal, you can. Go to his GoFundMe page where he’s accepting donations. He can also be contact at the site to answer any questions you may have about his fundraising campaign.