The Growth Of AXA And Its Subsidiary, AXA Advisors, LLC Since Its Establishment Over A Century Ago.

AXA specializes in providing families with financial stability and reliability since its establishment in 1859. The firm takes pride in easing the financial worries of their clients and giving them peace and realization of dreams. In 1859, AXA’s founder, Henry Hyde left his former employer, Mutual Life Insurance Company and began his firm, AXA, previously named Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. As founder and chief executive staff of the company, Henry led to the enterprise to process the most client businesses’ internationally in its tenth year of operation. In 1870, Henry’s company began operating in a new headquarter location that set the pace for the world’s first skyscrapers. In 1879, the office relocated to one of the tallest towers in the world.


In 1881, anointed its first female agency manager, Miss Ray Wilner and began offering customers with death claim payments. Equitable supported the establishment of the CLU professional program and launched the training classes in 1902. In 1970, the firm set up a package for annuity products and variable life insurance for pioneers in 1976. Equitable converted its brand from a mutual company to a stock based business in 1992 after investing 1 billion dollars into the AXA Group, hence gaining membership into the global AXA Group. As of, 2016, AXA earned a name as a leading international insurance company according to a report compiled by Interbrand in its annual analysis procedure.


AXA Advisors LLC is the principal brokering agent of distribution for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The firm has more than 6000 professionally qualified financial experts who provide clients with strategies and products for college, retirement, estate planning, and business development. Vincent Parascandola is the senior chief executive vice president who is responsible for the firm’s sales, executive development, retention, recruitment, productivity and growth of new and preexisting financial experts. Vincent has experience in the financial industry spanning more than 25 years. After graduating from Pace University, he began working for Prudential in 1987 and later joined Mony Life Insurance in 1990. In 2004, Vincent joined AXA Advisors and continued to use his vast knowledge and experience in management to lead the firm. Vincent has earned various awards such as the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency awards.