Accreditation of Securus Technologies from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies, a primary provider of civil & criminal equity development solutions for investigation purposes, public well-being and monitoring activities regarding the accreditation from the BBB – Better Business Bureau where it scoped an A+ rating. With a ultimate objective to improve and redesign customer services to about 25 million relatives and companions, Securus set up a 220 seat in-house call center locally – the largest in the field. This movement gave Securus additional control over how customer organization was managed, and allowed it to execute the BBB permitted rules for accreditation. Securus agents are prepared on account of the benchmarks and react to a standardization exceeding 2.5 million callings each month. Calls are answered at the typical rate of 11 seconds with the primary call resolution rate of 99%. The company’s call center has a purchaser devotion score of 4.3 out of 5. These results portray the commitment the organization has accomplished to its customers and the BBB models.

Having accreditation suggests that the BBB openly checked, asserted and agrees that Securus is the greatest office provider and the sole full-spectrum solutions provider within the field with the greatest business group in over 1,300 Associates all over the country more so meeting the benchmarks recorded previously. Richard A. Smith is the company’s Chief Executive Officer who acknowledged getting the accreditation and said it was a good symbol that the company’s performance enhanced each and every day. That would likewise put them at a superior position to carry out the business against their rivals some of which who questioned the Securus execution status. Accreditation portrays that – what you say you genuinely do and you can demonstrate it. Richard commented of being happy regarding the strategy that the BBB uses and guaranteed that Securus is committed to the BBB logic. Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas where it is committed to serving its clients while guaranteeing all customers better services.


Inmates And Securus Technologies

Getting ready for the holidays is always fun. People are out shopping, gathering with loved ones. They are enjoying what they are doing so that they can have a wonderful Christmas.


Those that are incarcerated do not get to do this at all. They get depressed and sad because they cannot take part in the holidays like other people do. Since this happens in facilities, there is a tendency for there to be more fights and infractions. In order to keep everyone safer, Securus Technologies created the Christmas video visits.


The Christmas video visits allow the prisoners to also take part in the holidays with their loved ones. They can see and hear them. While they are watching them open presents and eat their meal, they can interact with them telling them how much they are loved. The facilities are grateful for this technology, because is keeps everyone safe, and it saves them money. Visitors for the prisoner also save money and time. During the holidays, the company is making sure that the public understands why the video visits are so important. They are putting out commercials leading up to the holiday, so the public will see them.


Securus Technologies is known all over the world for the wok that they do. They are in high demand all across the country. The government uses them all the time for safety information. When the company wants to create new technology, they do so on a weekly basis, and it is known to work well. They are going to make the world a safer place, and with the dedication and expertise of their workers, they will definitely be able to do so. They are involved with both the civil and criminal sides of justice, and they deal with over a million prisoners every year. They are specialists in what they do, and they are making inroads on a steady basis in making the world a safer place for everyone in the world.



Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

The best PR Newswire news to come out of Securus Technologies, found here, is that they’re innovating up to THREADS 3.1, which is a new system of communication for inmates and law enforcement officers that will make a revolution in corrections and technology there. You’re sure to appreciate this awesome change. I’ll tell you about it.

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Suddenly, Securus Technologies is using THREADS 3.1 to make user interfaces easier, which means that investigations can be completed in a much easier manner, and it also means that folks who are on the other side of video calls will get a better picture. Also, you’re sure to love the upgrade to HTML 5, which is the best and newest way of getting everything out of this software.

The result according to Linked, of all of this upgrading is increased performance, and intelligence issues are handled better, too. THREADS 3.1 clearly makes Securus Americz Technologies a company working at the platinum level of inmate communications, and they are serving over 1,200,000 inmates across the continent, along with over 3,450 law enforcement safety officers that work them. Why look elsewhere for the utmost in inmate communication? You’re sure to get just what you need from this technology. Securus has the market for now. Click here: