Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and human rights advocate. He started advocating for human rights as a young person in 1989 in London by planning resistance to the South Africa apartheid. His background can be traced in Norway and Venezuela. His father imprisonment in Venezuela triggered Thor Halvorssen to become full time involved in promotion and advocacy of human rights. In 2004, his mother was shot during a political protest, and Halvorssen founded New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF).The HRF is dedicated to liberating political prisoners and promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Since Halvorssen started this foundation, they have secured the release of seven inmates of conscience; published two books on state responsibilities and individual rights and submitted amicus finding in major worldwide human right cases.

Mr. Halvorssen is also the CEO and founder of the Oslo freedom forum. This is an annual gathering that is transformative as the world’s most engaging artists, human rights advocates, world leaders and technology entrepreneurs meet. They share their stories and experience and brainstorm measures to expand freedom and unleash human potential around the globe. Halvorssen is also the sponsor of the Patron of the Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet.

Mr. Halvorssen has a long experience in human rights advocacy, and he has accomplished several things. He has been able to put together worldwide human rights organizations that have brought people from different background together and share their experience. He has faced criticism and threats as he advocates for human rights, but his ambitions have not been deterred by these threats.

Apart from being a human rights advocate, Halvorssen is also a known film producer. He has used these skills to make contributions to civil liberties, public policies and individual rights. He is a big contributor to making television programs and publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BBC, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Fox News and Al Jazeera. His films have also been featured in several film festivals. The Freedom Fury which documents the uprising against a dictatorship that was witnessed in the 1960s is one of his best film productions.

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Yeonmi Park, A Human Rights Activist Offering a Voice to the Oppressed

A human rights activist is an individual who fights for the freedoms and rights of citizens in any given part of the world. This role gained tracts in the 20th century with some of the most passionate human rights activist to ever grace this planet like Martin Luther King came to the fore. A human rights activist plays a major role or protecting and defending the rights of individuals in the society. From agitating for proper governance to striving for equality within society, human rights activists are quite crucial in ensuring that they teach the public about their rights.
Presently, leading universities have started programs that are geared towards training human rights activists. The introduction of the programs shows the recognition of their contributions by institutions of learning in these contemporary times. However, as much as the institutions can train people, the profession of an activist and especially the human rights activist is more of a vocation than a career. It is something that grows naturally within an individual due to the desire and need to see that greater good is done in the society. Striving for the respect of the rights of the citizens is the driving force that brings out the best human rights activists. Many people have had a great impact across the world and within the societies that they live in as human rights activists.
Yeonmi Park is a good example of an active human rights activist. She started out her works of fighting for the freedom of the North Korean people at a young age. At the age of 21, she has achieved much and has become an inspiration to many people across the world. Through her inspiring story, she has been invited into many countries and forums that to talk about human freedoms. Among the events she has graced include the Oslo Freedom Forum. Yeonmi Park of is has been a strong advocate of human rights ever since she defected from North Korea.
She was born in the Heysan region of North Korea and had a comfortable childhood. Her father worked as a trader in the local township before the brutal regime turned on him. This marked the genesis of her problems. Her father was jailed and subjected to hard labor but hatched a plot that could see his family run away from North Korea after being released from jail. For Young Yeonmi, it turned out to be a torturous adventure. Together with her mother, they faced harrowing incidences in the hands of Chinese human traffickers. Through all those struggles, she emerged strong thus becoming the voice of the oppressed persons especially in North Korea. Yeonmi lives in South Korea where she continues to inspire freedom-loving people in addition to writing books. Yeonmi Park enrolled for her University education at the Dungyuk University in Seoul.