Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and human rights advocate. He started advocating for human rights as a young person in 1989 in London by planning resistance to the South Africa apartheid. His background can be traced in Norway and Venezuela. His father imprisonment in Venezuela triggered Thor Halvorssen to become full time involved in promotion and advocacy of human rights. In 2004, his mother was shot during a political protest, and Halvorssen founded New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF).The HRF is dedicated to liberating political prisoners and promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Since Halvorssen started this foundation, they have secured the release of seven inmates of conscience; published two books on state responsibilities and individual rights and submitted amicus finding in major worldwide human right cases.

Mr. Halvorssen is also the CEO and founder of the Oslo freedom forum. This is an annual gathering that is transformative as the world’s most engaging artists, human rights advocates, world leaders and technology entrepreneurs meet. They share their stories and experience and brainstorm measures to expand freedom and unleash human potential around the globe. Halvorssen is also the sponsor of the Patron of the Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet.

Mr. Halvorssen has a long experience in human rights advocacy, and he has accomplished several things. He has been able to put together worldwide human rights organizations that have brought people from different background together and share their experience. He has faced criticism and threats as he advocates for human rights, but his ambitions have not been deterred by these threats.

Apart from being a human rights advocate, Halvorssen is also a known film producer. He has used these skills to make contributions to civil liberties, public policies and individual rights. He is a big contributor to making television programs and publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BBC, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Fox News and Al Jazeera. His films have also been featured in several film festivals. The Freedom Fury which documents the uprising against a dictatorship that was witnessed in the 1960s is one of his best film productions.

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Success of CCMP Capital Under the Visionary Leadership of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a privately held investment company that has invested close to $16 billion in different ventures around the globe. It deals in growth equity transactions and buyouts. CCMP Capital was established in 2006 after it spun out from the JP Morgan Chase Group. The entity has built a strong reputation as a world-class partner when it comes to investments. This success has been realized due to its commanding model of value creation as well as active management. Through well-planned investments, the company has experienced exponential growth and success in the market.

Presently, CCMP Capital is one of the top equity companies in the world. Its operational headquarters are based in New York with other offices in Hong Kong, London, and Tokyo. CCMP Capital’s offices in these four places have enabled it to have a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia. Form its pool of professionals in the field of private equity; CCMP Capital has made successful forays into several economic sectors. By combining its industrial expertise and leveraging on its operating resources, CCMP Capital has been able to invest in four sectors. These sectors comprise of healthcare, industrial, consumer/retail and energy.
The effective management structure of CCMP Company ensures that every decision made is in line with the company’s Capital objectives. It’s prudent management team starting from the chairman and chief executive officer down the chain augers well with the firm’s value creation structure. Additionally, the operating and investment professionals collaborate excellently with the management teams at each stage of the investment process. Once a decision has been made, the operating and investment professionals of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital monitor the progress of the initiatives actively by continuously interacting with the particular portfolio firm’s management. This sense of partnership, diversity, teamwork and integrity has been the driving force for the success of CCMP Capital’s investments.

At the center of CCMP Capital’s success is Stephen Murray. He is the co-founder of the company. Murray has worked in the firm as the CEO since its formation. Stephen Murray has also served in all the partner companies that formed CCMP Capital starting his career in 1984. Through his passion for excellent economic planning, he was able to guide CCMP Capital to greater success. He cultivated the culture of teamwork within the organization. This culture has built a strong bond between the various management teams. Murray is an economics graduate from Boston College. He has an MBA from Columbia University for his MBA. He is highly regarded as a visionary leader and passionate businessman.

The investment strategy employed by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has ensured that it remains successful despite of the volatile global economy. The corporation makes its investments in profitable companies. The typical investment input that CCMP Capital makes ranges from $100 million to $500 million in firms that are worth between $500 million and $3 billion.