Money Reserve with a New Coins Catalogue

One of the largest distributors of precious metals has recently done a complete overhaul of the official website of the company. U. S. Money Reserve is a leading company in its line of work.

  1. S. Money Reserve added a significant feature to their brand new and redesigned website – an E -Commerce Coin Catalogue. This catalogue features rare coins made out of silver, platinum, and gold. During the process of designing the E – Commerce Coin Catalogue, the primary goals were to make to easy for the clients to use and navigate as well as to make it reflect the professional status of the company. Both the Catalogue and the entire website are enriched with the brand photography that took specifically for the new website. Now, it looks more professional and elegant, and it reflects the beliefs of the company a lot better.

Several other features have also been either enhanced or added. One of the enhanced ones is the customer service. Now it is available at all times. Thanks to the site being more responsive, the clients are also able to navigate it better and receive faster and more reliable answers to their questions.

The customer service is not only meant for technical issues. The client is encouraged to direct their question and concerns about purchasing bullions to the skilled team of experts. Their mission is to make sure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase and makes the best choice. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

  1. S. Money Reserve Inc. is a Foreign For-Profit Corporation. It is located in the state of Texas and has two offices in Austin, Texas. The company was filed as an existing establishment at the end of August in 2001. For sixteen years, the company of U. S. Money Reserve has been experiencing growth and has become among the largest distributors of precious metals in the entirety of the United States of America. According to Biz Journals, the current President of U. S. Money Reserve is Mrs Annette Renaud. The chief executive officer of the company is Mrs Angie Koch. In January 2017, Mrs Angie Kock was listed in Austin Woman’s Magazine Empowerment Issue. She received a feature dedicated to her professional excellence. The company has about 100 employees. The company specialises in bullions made of platinum, silver, gold, and so on. Over the past couple of years, U. S. Money Reserve has been expanding and serving more and more clients