Arthur Becker’s Success In The Real Estate Industry

As a young investor, Arthur Becker focused much in the tech industry. During the 90s and the turn of the century, the boom in the industry saw him reap lots of returns from his investments. This achievement encouraged him to found several information technology companies such as NaviSite. However, as 2011 approached, the shrewd entrepreneur developed more interest in the real estate industry. After carefully analyzing the industry, he decided to establish Madison Partners, LLC. According to Becker, the time he spent working as an advisor to the Vera Wang fashion Company had a positive influence on his inspiration to join the real estate industry. He notes that while at Vera Wang, he was able to learn a great deal of fashion and design.

Madison Partners did not take long to become profitable. According to Becker, he began making profits almost immediately. He was able to achieve this success by using outstanding business strategies and enhancing the company’s marketing and sales department. Investing in the right properties also helped in enhancing his profits.

Arthur Becker believes that the name he had already created for himself helped in marketing Madison partners and the properties that it handled. He advises other entrepreneurs to establish a strong marketing team to augment their brands in the market. Moreover, Arthur notes that referrals play a pivotal role in augmenting one’s business. He adds that one should use a broad range of strategies, including business cards, pens, shirts, and billboards to market his or her products and services in the market. More details can be found on Inspirery.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker was originally a tech investor. Later, he started investing in the real estate industry. In the recent past, he has invested in many real estate properties, most of which are based in Florida and New York. Arthur is the chief executive officer and chairperson of Zinio.

Becker posits that his primary source of income from the real estate industry is the profits that he generates from the properties that he invests in. The entrepreneur spends time looking for unique properties that when renovated or fixed can attract many investors. After acquiring a property, he renovates it to modern standards, before leasing or selling it at a profit.

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Real Estate Development with Town Residential

The housing industry is among the most crucial industries in any nation’s economy. Intrinsically, the realty sector is among the fastest growing areas and as a result, more and more players are getting into the realty market. The value of properties is increasing every day. Thus, the clients in the real estate market continue to demand the best developments and services to meet their unique and versatile needs.

Town Residential understands this well and is a leading real estate firm. This realty company was instituted in 2010. The firm was established to provide solutions that are safe, reliable, and efficient and meets the varied needs of the real estate industry.

Since its inception, Town Residential has grown to become the largest realty firm offering unique, reliable and efficient services in the real estate. Inherently, Town Residential has earned, retained a high profile and reputation in the sector. The firm primarily services the New York region, and it leads to the provision of excellent luxury real estate services. The firm boasts of a sturdy, exhilarating foundation and leadership, which have enabled it to rise into the top position in the real estate sector in New York.

Town Residential has a large spectrum of clientele in the industry. The firm takes pride in providing reliable luxury real estate services, happy and satisfied customers. For Town Residential to effectively manage to serve all its clients and their extensive unique needs, it utilizes an adept team of more than 500 licensed real estate professionals and representatives. The team of experts executes its real estate missions seamlessly to ensure the best service delivery to all its clients. In order to serve the housing sector sufficiently, the team at Town Residential is strategically positioned in nine different prime offices.

Town Residential commits itself to a wide range of realty services in New York. The firm specializes in luxury residential leasing, sales, and marketing. In addition to these services, it also incorporates leasing and sales of property development, commercial and retail. With their outstanding service, Town Residential has managed to set new standards of performance and excellence in the realty industry. At the core of this success is a skilled team of experts that owns unparalleled industry experience and knowledge. The realty firm attributes its success to its remarkable ability to incorporate a unique culture and a pragmatic winning formula.

The estimable work of Town Residential has not gone unrecognized in New York. The firm has to be accorded several accolades for its superb performance. Among its numerous accolades include being named as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City and as a Best Firm to Work For. Every of the firm’s Town representative possesses unique talent and skills, which helps them to provide expertise and unexampled level of service to its versatile clients. Andrew Heiberger founded the real estate brokerage firm in 2010. He serves as the CEO and the co-chairperson of the company. The company has been developing widely to provide reliable solutions to the vast complex realty problems of their clients. In 2013, Town Residential made a significant acquisition of Thomas & Ingram, which is a boutique brokerage that focuses primarily on sales in the West Village.

Susan McGalla Leads Women In The Executive Work Force

As far as women have come in assuming prestigious positions of leadership, there is still a long way for women to go before we can claim to have equality with men in a number of crucial arenas. One of the greatest advancements we have seen in the 21st Century, however, is the creation of more female friendly environments that take into account the differing needs of men and women. In spite of the fact that the workforce is comprised of both men and women who are parents, women often continue to shoulder a heavier parenting load than their male counterparts, which places a greater strain on women in the workplace.

Telecommuting and the ability to set more flexible schedules are two advancements in the workplace that have had definite benefits to women in particular. Another thing that has been of benefit to women, however, is an overall shift in society’s viewpoints toward who is “supposed” to stay home and be the primary caretaker of children and who is “supposed” to enter the workforce to provide financially for the family. More and more, couples are able to determine for themselves what makes the most sense for them, and what is most optimal for their children.

One woman who understands full well the struggles and challenges of being a woman in the executive level workforce is Pittsburgh, PA powerhouse Susan McGalla. McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company, where she held a number of marketing and managerial positions before being hired as an executive with the American Eagle Outfitters brand in 1994. When she first arrived at American Eagle, it was heavily weighted towards the masculine, with no women on the board or in executive positions. To the company’s credit, however, McGalla excelled there and was given ample opportunity to rise through the ranks, eventually becoming president and chief merchandising officer.

As the daughter of a football coach who didn’t treat her any differently than her brothers, McGalla was raised to work hard and to confidently express ideas regardless of who she is talking to. She is also capable of talking about sports as avidly as she is able to talk about shopping, which gives her the ability to relate well to men and women alike and to move confidently in both worlds.

In early 2009 according to, McGalla ventured outside of the shelter of corporate employment and went into business for herself, offering her services as a private consultant for both retail and financial investment industries. In 2011 she was appointed as CEO of Wet Seal Inc., before becoming the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where she remains today. But one of McGalla’s earlier experiences showed her just how uncomfortable the general public can be with those that defy specific gender “boxes.” When she mentioned in her application that she had been taught that she was a person, not a man or a woman, they asked her if she could write something else.