Strides in Content Discovery by Rebranded Rover

Flipora is a company that has existed with the main aim of its clients with the kind of content that they are interested in using online platforms. They have developed a mobile phone app that is on stores. The application has a wide range articles, news and stories that are placed in categories such that users can choose to read what only interests them. Over time, like in any other business, there is need for a change. Flipora is seeking to rebrand itself to Rover, a clear move to make that Rover is the best application in accessing motivating, inspiring and interesting content on the web- which is always plenty.

Rover will be the ultimate companion to man that aims at satisfying curiosity through content discovery. Rebranding its mission as going to places where no man has adventured before for new experiences, the company focuses on making personalized web discoveries and inspiring wonder reality content for its users. In order to offer these services, Rover uses machines that are taught and learn like human brain. Machines are taught on how to go into other search engines to look for what the user is interested in then store the information and has the ability to learn new changes, even changes in user preference and interests.

Rover now believes that the rebranding reflects the way content interpretation and recommendation works and how it will work in the future. The rebranding comes at a time when Flipora has received funding from Silicon Valley Investors, experts in artificial intelligence with executives from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, due to continued product growth and development. The rebranding sees a couple of new strategies being launched like users being able to control home feed, being able to follow leaders and trendsetters in the field of interest and see what they are sharing across their social media platforms, changing the way Flipora conducted operation to one that offers a minimalist style- keeping focus on fast and fun content discovery, advances meant to improve accuracy and speed in content discovery through developments in Rover’s content recommendation that uses experts in some topics and lastly users being able to share and like content discovered by simply swiping right and left to return to home feed.