Whitney Wolfe’s Reasoning Behind Bumble BFF

In a world of dating apps, there is always a need to stand out. As more dating apps get created, there comes a greater need to stand out from the competition.

For one thing, people need a reason to visit an online dating site. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are offering something that is new and useful for people. Whitney Wolfe has thought about ways to make sure that her dating app stands out from the competition by offering people something for more than just finding a date. This is where Bumble BFF comes in.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe knows is that women need friends in order to help each other. One thing that they need each other for is support in those cases that relationships are not working out. Another thing that is apparent is that people are waiting a bit longer to get married. One issue with relationships is that humans have a need for companionship. Therefore, if women can’t get companionship from one source, they have to get it from another. One good source for companionship is friendship. This is one of the reasons that Bumble BFF is an innovative addition to the internet dating world.

Whitney Wolfe herself is very passionate about empowering women. Therefore, everything she does is with the thought of encouraging women to pursue their goals and live the life that they want. This is one of the reasons that she has designed the Bumble app to keep men from sending out messages. Women are the ones who are going to make the approaches online. One thing women are able to do with the Bumble app developed by Whitney Wolfe is look at all of the options they really have and choose from the ones they really want.

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