Compliance Officers Must Be Trained To Get Rid Of Corporate Scandals

Recently, compliance officers have filled the market. However, despite their growing numbers, they have not been able to end the many problems facing corporates concerning scandals and frauds. In a recent report by a famous consulting company called Sterling Management, consulting officers are not doing their job perfectly. Sterling Management is located in Los Angelis.

The CEO of Sterling Management is Mr. Kevin Wilson. According to Wilson, the problems faced in organizations as a result of fraud and other scandals cannot come to an end because the officers in the field do not have the right skills, knowledge and power. These officers have no idea what to do when these problems occur. They are supposed to identify the problem before it gets out of hand.
According to Mr. Wilson, these compliance officers’ positions are held by individuals who have not been trained, lack authority and some of them do not even fit for the department. In most cases, the compliance officers are too busy handling other duties and this makes them forget the real problems and this can make the organization can collapse.
The salary offered to the compliance officers is quite worrying, and this affects their work a lot. Just recently, there were some problems faced by the Volkswagen manufacturing company. The software cheating led to a lot of damages to the brand, and this could have been avoided if the officers were well paid. In 2013, they were getting only $64340 every month, and this made them cheat just to get bonuses. The problem would have been detected early by the compliance officers if they really wanted to.
Helane Morrison is a reputable compliance officer who is respected by many in the industry today. She has other important positions too. She is managing director, general counsel and much more. Today, she is the chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners. She has been very successful in the male dominated career, and this has been possible because of the skills she possesses. Being a compliance officer is quite challenging, but she always performs her job well.
She has worked in other places before joining Hall Capital Partners. She was working for the United Sates Securities and Exchange Commission found in San Francisco. She held that position from 1999 to 2007. Helane had a lot of duties in that position, but she executed them perfectly. she has won several award in the industry too.

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