The Queens of Drama Spice up Television

The Stunning Ms. Crystal Hunt
The stunning and beautiful Crystal Hunt will amaze you in the Queens of Drama. Enjoy the taste of savvy sass with Crystal. Her charisma shines brightly and proves to captivate the audience. Her facebook fan page indicates Crystal is well-known for her part on the Guiding Light. Crystal shows off her talent in creative ways. She is an experienced actress who has played many amazing roles. CrunchBase shows she began her career when she was only two years old. She started in pageants. She has been flying and soaring all through her career. She is a talented individual who clearly loves to entertain. She adds her own unique splash of intrigue to this show.

A Reality Show Filled With Daring Drama
The daytime and primetime soap queens teamed up to bring a touch of daring drama into our lives. The royal ladies have joined forces to reflect the sauce and spice that every royal drama queen adds to life. The fun and intriguing chemistry of this cast has amazed and excited every viewer. A touch of reality included in this series adds the perfect balance of spice and drama. This is indeed an amazing group of drama queens who have the ability to show off their appealing styles and charming personalities. A touch of conflict is the added attraction to this reality show. They offer big fun with just the right amount of spicy class. Wet your appetite with the Queens of Drama. The stunning cast includes the following:
* Crystal Hunt
* Lindsay Hartley
* Vanessa Marcil
* Chrystee Pharris
* Hunter Tylo
* Donna Mills
* Renee Elise Goldsberry (the second season-present)
* Bree Williamson (the second season -present)
* Joan Collins (a guest)
This is a cast of royal queens who create magic in this reality show. This is a cast filled with talented divas who will not let their audience down. Excitement, intrigue, and drama fills this entertaining show. This is a powerful cast of leading ladies who are capable of igniting the idea that woman and their deep desires matter.

The Nominations for Awards Speak Volumes About Crystal Hunt
Crystal Hunt has been honored with nominations for awards that truly speak volumes about her talent. She was nominated for the Soap Opera Digest the Daytime Emmy Awards. These are awards that are given out and they nominate individuals who have provided excellence for their performances. Helen Hunt has offered much talent to every role she has ever played. She has the ability to evoke emotions through her performances while adding her own personal touch to her parts.

Crystal Plays a Fictionalized Version of Herself

Interviews about the show indicate that Crystal does play a fictionalized version of herself on this show. She has blended her character with characters that she previously has played on soap operas. This mixture adds a touch of beauty with just a splash of villain. Creativity and a stunning lady have proven to be more than just entertaining. Her character is amazing and intriguing in every way.