A Savvy Alternative to High Priced Men’s Shoes

Today’s sharp dressed man is looking for handmade quality, and the British shoe wear industry is pumping out leather shoes with heritage designs with artisan quality on paulevansny.com. In the 80s shoe manufacturers thinned out due to the economy, but those that stayed in are cashing in on the change from commodity fashion to luxury style and design. Styles are limited to about 1,500 of any single design, but the low production number is causing hefty price tags. Starting at about $6,000 a pair, the investment isn’t easy on the wallet. Fortunately, there is an alternative, Paul Evans.

When Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript attended Tulane University they wanted to dress up, but found the prices daunting. The savvy young financiers came up with the idea to form their own company, and they searched Europe for that perfect manufacturer that could deliver shoes with high quality leathers at a low cost. After visiting Spain and Portugal their quest took them to Naples, Italy where they found an old world style family manufacturer who has forgotten more about leather than Thom McAn ever knew. The result was Paul Evans, a new and exciting quality shoe company for men.

The leather used is top quality, and supple with old world style craftsmanship at very affordable prices. They manage to keep their costs down by selling exclusively online. The Paul Evan’s company is located in New York, but the factory is in Naples. A return policy offers free returns for up to one full year, and there are no conditions apply to the return policy.

Their fashion lines are named after celebrities. There is a Martin whole cut, and a Cagney oxford, a Stewart loafer, a Dean boot, a Portier monk strap, a McQueen driving shoe and even a high top sneaker. The shoes are available in different colors, and matching belts and bags and other accessories were added to compliment their shoes. Shoe prices range about $350.00 on average, but the quality matches and often surpasses the pricey British dress shoes. Sizing is easy, and their shoes run about a full size larger than the average American shoe, so if you wear a size nine you will want to order a size eight from Paul Evans.

The factory has only 37 artisans, but pre-ordering is available for out of stock designs. Blake stitching is used in the construction, and it creates a comfortable and durable shoe. Only the finest Italian calfskin is used, and the leather grows more attractive with age.