Why Consider High Quality Food for Dogs

When purchasing dog food it is crucial to pay attention to its ingredients label. Consumption of byproducts, preservatives and artificial flavors is very dangerous for ones dog since some nutrients and vitamins that help maintain good health may be deficient. In most instances, labels on the pet food assert to be premium but in real sense they offer little nutrition to the dog. Many companies tend to consider their feeds to be premium even when they contain some percentage of beef. This therefore makes it important for a pet owner to read the labels on the food packaging to help the dog maintain good health and well-being.

Essential Ingredients

Since there are many brands of dog food available on market, Facebook pet owners should look at the key ingredients necessary for maintenance of overall health. Animal protein such as beef, lamb and chicken should be provided. The labels should also mention if food contains animal meal or not. In addition to that, fruits, grains and vegetables are also required in holistic form. Processing of these elements leads to loss of essential vitamins and nutrients thus it should be avoided at all cost. Artificial preservatives, sweeteners and colors are not advisable therefore one should use natural preservatives. Meat by-products are less expensive since they require less care during the handling process. These by- products are not nutritious and thus staying away from them helps much.

Purina Brands

Beneful is the last brand of dog food manufactured by Nestle Purina Pet care according to report by publicis Groupe Agency. This nutritious meal took 25 years to be completed into a full package. The combination for Beneful dog food is balanced and comprises of dog treats, wet dog food and dry dog food. Initially Beneful had beef stew and resembled stew. This feed has done well in the market and has been credited as one of the top brands. In 2006, prepared meals for Beneful were produced. The prepared meals had a multipurpose packaging as well as eight amazing flavors. Pet owners have an advantage on this since they have a variety to choose on. Furthermore the feeds contain essential nutrients thus ensuring good health for the dogs.

Beneful Dog Food Is A Good Choice For Many Reasons

There are many different types of dog food brands on the market to choose from. It can be hard to know which type to choose, especially if you have never had a dog before. Some of the most important things to consider are cost, ingredients, taste, and location the food was made in. These factors are why many people choose to feed their dogs Beneful dog food.

Beneful dog food is a good choice for many families’ pets for many reasons. One major factor is the cost and availability of the food. Beneful is sold at thousands of retailers across the country. It is sold at a mid range point that makes it affordable for families on a budget.

One of the reasons that Beneful is cost efficient is because it is a domestically made product. The brand is made by the company Nestle Purina. Nestle Purina’s headquarters are located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The company has been in the food production industry for over 80 years. They have factories located in various locations, throughout the United States, to manufacture their products. The company has manufacturing plants in other countries too. However, they advertise that 99% of all their goods sold in the United States are made in the United States.

The health of the family pet is another reason why many people choose Beneful. The FDA, USDA, and AAFCO set standards for products, such as human and animal foods, that companies must adhere too. Nestle Purina has made it their company mission to insure their products meet, and exceed, these standards.

Nestle Purina has implemented many different tests, procedures, and strategies to ensure these goals and standards are met. They company is also using technology to track the ingredients used to make dog food. This allows them to track the ingredients from their origin all the way to the bag sold at the store. This allows them the ability to track, and eliminate, any compromised products. This helps eliminate the risk of pets getting sick.

I personally feed my dogs Beneful dog food. I have four large dogs and they eat a lot. I like knowing I can purchase food for my animals that was made here in America. It helps to keep our economy stronger and our citizens working. I also like that the cost is fairly low for the amount of food that I receive.