The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of OSI Group, LLC, Lavin has an incredibly big profile in the food and meat processing industry. Currently, Lavin Sheldon acts as the OSI International food Limited president and remains vigorously involved in various operations of the company.

Mr. Lavin developed wide industry knowledge when he was involved in the financing of Otto and Sons, which eventually developed into OSI Group. OSI group, under the leadership and vision of Lavin grew at a fast rate from just a domestic food processing firm to become an industry leader. OSI group currently has more than 60 locations across 60 countries globally.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Lavin in scaling OSI Group onto the international landscape and also contributing to the growth of jobs across the world, Lavin received an award known as the Global Visionary award on 20th February 2016. Lavin said that he was humbled and honored for winning such important award and is extremely proud of the work in his life in assisting OSI Group to expand internationally. Lavin has dedicated his life to the company’s welfare and that of its hardworking employees.

Apart from globally expanding OSI’s Group operation, the company can boost of sustainability and environmental awards under the watch of Lavin. This is one thing that Lavin hopes that the coming generations of leaders in corporate world will continue prioritizing. When Lavin was asked about his long success list, he says that he aims at inspiring the next generation of the corporate world leaders to commit themselves to expanding their companies in very responsible ways that add to the growth of opportunities and global commerce for their employees to learn more: click here.

While the words of wisdom of Lavin are quite uplifting, he is not slowing down in the coming future. Lavin still allocates time to remain much involved in most charitable activities like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The most important thing that Lavin is proud of in his career is that he can bring up his three children together with his wife and still be able to give back to the community.

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