Igor Cornelsen Describes How To Determine Whether An Investment Will Payoff Or Not

Igor Cornelsen is a big believer in that following trends in the stock market will not ultimately translate into a return on your investment. He says that there are a lot of financial magazines, websites and financial experts who can tell you what they think the long term trend will be in the markets.

Sticking with a trend when investing is not the best way to make a return says Cornelsen. This is something that he has learned first hand after losing significant sums of money by simply following trends and investing his money based on those trends.

A better way to invest your money is to carefully research a company you plan on investing in and analyze the following metrics. One of the the things you should look for first is how big is the potential for the company to be productive. You should also look at how much potential the firm has to maximize its profits.

Many investors do not understand what productivity means in the investment world. In investment terms productivity is defined as the ability of a product or service to be become more expensive at a future date.

Igor Cornelsen uses the example of gasoline. He says it is forecast supplies of gasoline will dwindle and that the demand will stay the same or increases in the future. So it is safe to assume that the price of gasoline will increase as a result. An investor will say that the productivity of gasoline will increase as time passes.

If you invest in gasoline says Igor Cornelsen, then you will almost always see a return or positive movement in your investment. Real estate is another extremely productive investment. The price of real estate is almost always increasing and hence its productivity is considered to be high.

These are just generalities and there are exceptions to these cases of course. Some real estate may decrease in value over time and surges of supply in gasoline can actually knock down prices.

You should carefully look at the productivity of a good or company before you invest your funds in it. If you are investing in a company, you need to look at how stable and strong they are. If they are unable to bear a major storm or market downturn, then it might be a good idea to invest your money elsewhere.

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The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of OSI Group, LLC, Lavin has an incredibly big profile in the food and meat processing industry. Currently, Lavin Sheldon acts as the OSI International food Limited president and remains vigorously involved in various operations of the company.

Mr. Lavin developed wide industry knowledge when he was involved in the financing of Otto and Sons, which eventually developed into OSI Group. OSI group, under the leadership and vision of Lavin grew at a fast rate from just a domestic food processing firm to become an industry leader. OSI group currently has more than 60 locations across 60 countries globally.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Lavin in scaling OSI Group onto the international landscape and also contributing to the growth of jobs across the world, Lavin received an award known as the Global Visionary award on 20th February 2016. Lavin said that he was humbled and honored for winning such important award and is extremely proud of the work in his life in assisting OSI Group to expand internationally. Lavin has dedicated his life to the company’s welfare and that of its hardworking employees.

Apart from globally expanding OSI’s Group operation, the company can boost of sustainability and environmental awards under the watch of Lavin. This is one thing that Lavin hopes that the coming generations of leaders in corporate world will continue prioritizing. When Lavin was asked about his long success list, he says that he aims at inspiring the next generation of the corporate world leaders to commit themselves to expanding their companies in very responsible ways that add to the growth of opportunities and global commerce for their employees to learn more: http://www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html click here.

While the words of wisdom of Lavin are quite uplifting, he is not slowing down in the coming future. Lavin still allocates time to remain much involved in most charitable activities like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The most important thing that Lavin is proud of in his career is that he can bring up his three children together with his wife and still be able to give back to the community.

Smarter Investment for the Future with Agora Financial

Retirement is not something most people actively think about. However, they want to be able to afford their later years comfortably. If you have some extra money for investing, you want to do it the smartest way possible. There are a couple of things you should know about investing the money you have so you would need a specialist advice of what to do and how to do it. Not everybody is well-versed in investing, and this is where Agora Financial comes in to help out.
Smart Investment for Yourself
You essentially want to work with people who are genuinely interested in helping you and not just cashing in on commission based on the work they do. This kind of approach might be right for them, but it doesn’t always help you. How do you figure out what advice to listen to and what not?
Agora Financial works in the business and knows it in and out. They have more than ten years of experience in protecting and building on the savings people have. They work on the principle of information. There are free newsletters, seminars, books and other resources available to individuals who want to invest in a smart way.
Positive Feedback from Clients
More than a million people are learning from Agora Financial and their different publications. Everything from rapid growth to wealth protection. The company and its specialists have analysts who are not afraid to travel to learn about new investment possibilities. They learn from the always changing market to find the best investment opportunities to help their clients and not just big corporations.
The analysis is on point since it is based on different researchers and analysts working together to provide essential advice for positive and negative changes in the market. THe publications page is easy to access and learn from them via a preview. The company is interested in helping their clients and building long term relationships with them.

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4 Human Rights Groups You Should Know About

On December 10, 1948, the United Nation General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which outlined the rights for all people irrespective of their gender, class, religion, or race.

However, 69 years after signing the declaration, the world is still struggling and striving for the ideals of personal freedom and foreign policy stipulated in this document. To successfully stop violations and end impunity in different parts of the world, we cannot neglect the role of human rights groups. Below are some examples of such groups.

Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), headquartered in New York, USA, is a non-profit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, especially in closed societies. Since its founding in 2005, HRF has been working on special projects in countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, and Cuba. Some of these projects include providing free healthcare and educational facilities to widows, unemployed and children.

To effectively facilitate its role, the Human Rights Foundation partners with other foundations like John Templeton Foundation and Bradley Foundation. In 2014, HRF received a $ 1 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation toward a program called “Speaking Freely”.

International Federation for Human Rights

The role of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is to defend human rights violations, improve the safety of victims, and prosecute those answerable to these violations. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The organization has the general mandate to defend all the rights stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has the support of more than 150 human rights groups across the world. FIDH’s total income by 2012 was around $ 7.1 million, of which about 80 percent came from donations and grants.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International, commonly known as Al or Amnesty, has the third longest history and is one of the renowned human rights organizations in the world. With more than 7 million members and supporters in more than 150 countries, Amnesty interacts with people through social media and other platforms to better understand their issues.

Its areas of specialization include the rights of children, women, and minorities, refugee rights, stopping death penalty and ending torture, and protection of human dignity. In 1977, Amnesty International, founded in 1961 in London, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund (LLFF) was founded by Michael Lacey, an editor, and Jim Larkin, a publisher, to fund human, civil, and migrant civil rights groups in Arizona. The source of the funds was the $ 3.75 million settlement, arising out of their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

On October 17, 2007, the two journalists were arrested in their homes and jailed after revealing the availability of grand jury proceedings seeking reporters’ notes on articles covering Arpaio.

The illegal imprisonment of Larkin and Lacey set off a lengthy legal battle centered on First Amendment rights and abuse of power, and in 2013, the court made it clear that the two reporters were detained without probable cause, paving the way for a $ 3.7 million settlement.

Investing in our Future

The investment industry is not as complicated as Hollywood would like to make it out to be. All that is required in investing in something is just a little bit of knowledge. Our future, our children, our graduates, our next leaders and our citizens need to be invested in.For years our educational system has crumbled. Schools across the nation have deteriorated at a very scary rate. Teachers have been failing our students and failed students lead to a failed nations.Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, has been for years, prior to given her current role, fighting on behalf of children across the nation. she has been fighting for better schools, better teachers, and overall better education. Education has become somewhat of a commodity in our society. Something that only the rich and the perceived best among us can have. However, Betsy DeVos and her foundation have been very vocal about giving only the highest level of education n to all children across the nation.

Currently, Betsy Devos is the Secretary of Education and has been doing many great things for students and teachers. However, one of the hallmark achievements that she has been trying to implement is the means to deal with the student loan debt that has plagued our national debt.The student loan debt is somewhat of an economic crisis. And this can be said without a flair for dramatics, as the student loan debt has reached over 1 trillion dollars. this is a mind staggering amount. The loans that are given to many of our students are imprisoning any students into 30 years long loans which will in effect keep these graduates in a job or career that they simply hate.The student loan is without a doubt one of the worse possible situation for our educational system.

Not only does it keep people from entering higher education but it somewhat punishes those who seek to gain higher education.Betsy DeVos’s stance on fixing our broken educational system is such a ray of hope. Her vocality over this issue has truly sparked many students and people in Congress about fixing this problem – and this is a huge problem.As stated earlier the student loan debt is 1.3 trillion dollars. this amount I more than many nations GDP. In fact, it is more than many countries put together. it is no secret that our national debt is rising every day.If we can cut the student loan debt by some fraction that will greatly aid in reducing the national debt. One can only hope that her voice and her mission can start gaining more steam. Our nation truly needs to get a whole of its debt and if we can scrape off just a bit of it then we are moving in the right direction.

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Kim Dao Enjoys The Runway!

It is the second day of the event. Kim Dao woke up late because she is still suffering from jet lag. She is currently at a restaurant with other Youtubers. They have a spread of food. They received a group picture from the event. It was put into a nice frame and given to them as a gift. They received their outfits for the fashion show. Kim Dao change into her outfit. She shows the full outfit. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


They all do the fashion show. Everyone has a good time. They go outside for a few to have a photoshoot. Kim Dao does her own personal photo session as well. They are heading back to Seoul. They have a pit stop for food but Kim Dao wants to wait until dinner. They make it to dinner. They end up at an Italian restaurant. There is wine on the table, giving it a romantic atmosphere. They ordered a lot of interesting meals. They were well presented. The napkins expanded when they were exposed to water. Learn more: http://kimdao.net/about-me/


Kim Dao has made it back to the hotel and she is really tired. It is already midnight and she is about to take a shower. She plans on washing her hair. She has a plan for tomorrow. Kim Dao is going to meet up with some friends for a shopping trip. It is a free day for them and Kim Dao wants to show Faye around Korea. Kim Dao has been enjoying her trip. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


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David McDonald was born and bred in Iowa. He is the present President and Chief Operations Officer of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is a meat processing holding company. OSI Group was established in Chicago, United States in 1909 and caters for retail and food service industries.

The headquarters of the company is in Aurora, Illinois. Mr. McDonald studied at the Iowa State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the discipline of Animal Science. His career started at OSI Group where he was the Project Manager. He also chaired North American Meat Institute at the same time. He has put a lot of effort to become the President the OSI Group. He is also the Director of the Group’s International Foods Australian branch.

As President, he guarantees that the Group has a logistics team with personnel who possess the necessary knowledge and skill. Mr. McDonald believes that the logistics team works cohesively with the local administration team to ensure uninterrupted operations. Through him, the group has the necessary offices and facilities globally. These are indispensable in managing the organization’s operations in America and overseas. The company announced plans for a plant for branded private label frozen entrees in Geneva, Ill.

Baho Food is a Dutch company with five subsidiary enterprises that was newly purchased by OSI Group. McDonald supported the move entirely as he thought it was an impeccable policy to broaden the presence of the OSI Group in Europe. The company has been in the poultry production sector for more than two decades in China and with McDonald’s guidance, the group now owns ten factories in the country. They are now offering services to outlets including Starbucks and Subway. The company engages with clients to establish valuable to them. With adequate resources and experts, they convert concepts into actual products. For more info about us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries click here.

Brown Modelling Agency Offers a Great Platform of Modelling for Austin Youth

Brown Modeling Agency, a prominent modeling firm in Austin, offers a wonderful platform for the youth of the city. The talent agency is founded by Justin Brown, a well-known model and talent manager, as Wilhelmina Austin in 2010 to train the young aspirants and make them successful in the modeling industry. The agency used the fame of Justin Brown and quickly grew in the market by displaying a reputation of committed and professional services. In 2015, the firm acquired and merged with Heyman Talent-South, and it rebranded as The Brown Agency. As the former head of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown assumed the role of the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Brown Agency.

Justin Brown played a crucial role in shaping the agency as a futuristic one with a clear vision to bring the best talent out of a pool and making them engaged with the industry. He has more than a decade of experience in modeling, and that helped him to identify the potential opportunities in the industry and insights on what makes a great modeling career. Justin started his modeling career while he was attending the college and remembers his initial payment was $100 an hour. Since then, he was more interested in shaping things behind the camera and looked for opportunities in “development and placement.” Justin trained many models like pros and placed them in the modeling industry, and this gave him confidence in shaping the talent and led to the birth of Wilhelmina Austin.

The models of the agency have appeared for major brands around the world including Dell, Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Toyota, and many other well-known firms. The firm’s talents regularly grace the ramps of Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and other major fashion shows. The agency believes that its long-term relationship with various brands is most critical in placing the models. The excellent relationship with various firms is ensured by offering best quality talents who are molded through the rigorous and comprehensive training program offered by the agency. Justin Brown often says “The agency and its staff are only as good as its talents.”

In a report by Market Wired, The firm works as a complete platform for modeling and talent development. It offers grooming services for various industries including fashion, commercial, theatrical, and more. Interestingly, men, women, and kids can seek the talent services provided by the agency. Additionally, the firm maintains a wonderful profile of its models and made it available through its official website. This helps various brands and advertising firms to select the talents of their choice, hassle-free. Apart from Austin, the agency has an office in Dallas and made a presence in Los Angeles. Currently, the agency grooms more than 450 talents in various stages.

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