Handy Beat Out HomeJoy As A Home Service Company

It looks like no one really thought to put together all types of home services into one business before the Handy company came along. Sure, there were other companies that had several home services, but none were quite as good as Handy, including HomeJoy, which is now a defunct company that has let go all of their employees. It wouldn’t be surprising if those who used to work for HomeJoy started looking for work at the Handy company, especially since they’ve been around for years and only continue to become more successful.

HomeJoy used to do cleaning services and also provided a couple other services, but Handy has surpassed everything that HomeJoy used to do. Handy has now added so many services to their company that anyone who needs any kind of work performed in their house can go straight to Handy because they do everything. Those who need a paint job for their house or any room in their house can check with Handy. Plumbing problems? Handy.com got it covered. Cleaning services are ever so popular with the Handy company and make up over 85% of their total revenue.

Moving services are even available for those who feel that other companies are charging too much and want an insured company that has experienced movers. Anyone who purchased an item that needs to be assembled can also check with Handy for their assembly services, which are done by people who are very professional. Even electrical work can be performed by many different Handy employees, which makes Handy the go-to company for all home services. Handy even allows any business that needs certain services to call upon them as well.

Not only is Handy put together all kinds of services into one business, they’ve also put all the services on their website and their application for easy access when setting up appointments. Customers are encouraged to create a Handy account and to choose their services, their appointment dates, the final price they will pay, and then the customer can make payment through the online service. Handy has made it so easy for any customer to get their services, and the Handy company guarantees satisfaction, which makes the company even more desirable to work with for any customer. Since Handy has only professional workers, customers need not worry about who comes into their home from the Handy company.


Norka Luque Continues to Inspire the Masses with Her Messages oF Love and Hope through Music

Norka Luque Continues to Inspire the Masses with Her Messages OF Love and Hope through Music.

Norka Luque is a singer of Venezuelan decent. Though she is an upcoming artist, her powerful words, and the remarkable voice keeps granting her international fame. Her music talent began to manifest during his studies in France where she had a chance to be a member of a band. The group tethered her to her aspiration of becoming a successful singer. She later graduated with a degree in the Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion.

Her dream came alive four years ago when Emilio Estefan Jr, a revered music producer, registered interest in her work and her door to singing professionally suddenly opened. In her statement after getting the opportunity, Norka Luque said it is a chance many gifted artists yearn for. She added that it is a great honor and a dream come true for a renowned producer like Emilio Estefan to recognize her work, and she’s looking forward to learning a lot from him.

Unlike other artists, Norka Luque went through a rough patch to get where she is today. Despite all the knock backs, she forged ahead. Her greatest inspiration was her family. Since childhood, her family allowed her to pursue arts like music, dance, composition and flamenco. As things started breaking her way in arts, she branched out to professional education. That’s how she ended up in the Business School in France.

Norka Luque’s music breakthrough came with the promotion of MILARGO, a famous hit theme song. The song was promoted via El Cata. Emilio produced the hit song in conjunction with gifted artists such as Luigi Geraldo, Hermanos Gaitan, and Archie Pena. Today, MILARGO is ruling the airwaves in numerous countries such as Venezuela, United States, and Puerto Rico. The song has also made it in the prestigious Latin Music Billboard list.

What makes the song even more appealing to multicultural communities is because it’s a combination of Caribbean sounds, reggae, and Mediterranean traces. But the greatest theme of MILARGO’S success is the precious message of love and hope.

Norka Luque even gave out a statement regarding the overwhelming success of MILARGO. She pointed out that she wanted to embody her feelings and real life experiences through the song. She recognized that her inner circle was eager to disseminate a message of hope to uplift those facing the same predicaments in life. Norka Luque, through her song, only wanted to pass on a message of love, hope, and dreams to achieve greater success despite the insurmountable odds.

Why Is Gooee IoT Important For Large Companies?

A large company that has more than one building to light has to have something that will help them light up everything. They want to know that they can get results that will be worth it to them, and they also want to know that they can get lights that they can control without visiting the building. The person that wants to manage lights from a computer or phone can use the Gooee IoT system, and they can teach other people to use the same system. They do not have to wonder if they will be able to fix their energy costs because now they have everything they need to solve their issues.

The issues that are created by these people usually come from the fact that they are going to not be there when they want to manage the lights. They do not have time to train someone to watch over every light bulb, but they do have a chance to use technology to just turn these devices on and off. Everyone who wants to be able to use the Gooee IoT lights can install the program or the app on all their devices. There are many who want to be sure that they can see how much energy is used.

There are plenty of people who are going to get better energy efficiency from their lights when they get the Gooee IoT lights that come with an app and the programming that can be put on a computer.

TOWN Residential Expands Offices to 10th Outpost

The real estate company known as Town Residential has recently expanded its offices to the meatpacking district on the 10th Manhattan outpost. Within three years, the company has completed a considerable amount of expansion which will help it cover more areas in the local market. With this new location, Town Residential will have easier access to some of the most significant residential neighborhoods along the Hudson River. As part of the expansion, Town has signed a 15 year lease to get the entire 2nd floor of 446 W 14th Street. The recent expansion has enabled the company to help accommodate more clients and grow its business in the near future.


With the new office space, Town Residential is now able to occupy one of the most appealing offices in the entire city. Its office has 16 foot ceilings and access to a private roof deck which will create a very favorable image for the firm. Using this space will also allow Town to present an image as a company that specializes in high end real estate sales. Along with appealing to clients, the office is also intended to appeal to a number of brokers as well. With both an indoor and outdoor space to operate in, Town Residential is able to provide both agents and clients with a very desirable business environment.


As part of this recent expansion, Town Residential has looked to occupy one of the hottest and fastest growing neighborhoods in New York City. With his location, Town Residential has a great opportunity to take advantage of a number of new opportunities for growth and prosperity for the firm. Since the meatpacking district is expanding with new condos and retail spaces, Town will be in position to sell and lease these properties to their clients. The neighborhood has recently had values increase to $90 per square foot. As a result, Town will be in position to offer some of the most valuable real estate in the city as well.


The new office in the 10th outpost is not the only part of Town Residentials’ expansion. It has recently opened up office locations in 33 Irving Place near Union Square and also at 530 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village. By expanding to three new office locations, Town Residential is in position to experience a considerable amount of growth in the near future. With locations in some of the most centralized fastest growing neighborhoods, Town Residential will allow itself to get more clients as well as promote some of the most valuable properties in the city. Since founder and CEO of Town Residential Andrew Heiberger has a favorable relationship with Thor Equities, his firm has been able to easily secure this new office space.



Handy Has Great Pay For Great Workers With Experience

It’s not hard to determine that Handy is a successful company because they easily surpass over a million dollars in bookings every week. With all these services that they are offering to their customers, it’s easy for that number to go up as time goes by because there are many people who want services from Handy. The cleaning services that Handy offers to any type of customer is the most popular, and those with a residential home or a business can use the services. Those who want to work for Handy will have it the best because they get to choose their own hours, similar to being self-employed.

Along with choosing when they work, workers also get great pay, but Handy isn’t like other cleaning services that may employ them. According to website Ecohustler, Handy makes sure to take of big interest in their workers by insuring them and checking their background before they become an employee of Handy. Those that work for Handy are technically their own boss, so they make their own success and can make a lot of money working for the company. Handy workers will average $18 an hour but can make up to $22 an hour or more.

Those workers that get tipped can see their wages go a lot higher than those that may not get tipped, and tips depend on the work that’s performed by each worker and how satisfied the customer is. Since Handy has the workforce to get the job done, many who need cleaning services are going straight to Handy for cleaners that are extremely professional. The workers will have everything they need to get started and to finish the job, but customers can always improvise by giving the cleaners some of their own cleaning materials if that’s what they prefer.

With the low cost of cleaning services that Handy provides, it’s a win-win situation for both the workers as well as the customers that are receiving the services. Handy doesn’t stop at only having cleaning services but provides a wide array of services that are all done by workers that are experienced. Any person who works for Handy, no matter what service they perform, they will have a background check performed, and Handy provides insurance that will cover their workers when they are in a customer’s place, whether it be a residence or a business. Handy is truly America’s favorite home cleaning service.