What Does Wen Do To Fine, Thin Hair?

A recent piece that was featured in Bustle was a review of the hair care cleansing system that has become quite popular. Wen hair by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean has women everywhere talking about how manageable and healthy their hair has been since using this product. A beauty contributor that works at Bustle heard the buzz and wanted to know if it was possible to get those kinds of results with her fine, thin hair.
She decided to do a week-long experiment to see what would really happen. She used the directed amount which was surprising because it was basically a whole palm full of the product. She applied the product and worked it through her hair and rinsed. She was delighted with the results and was excited to show off her hair at work the next day. She was disappointed to see that her hair was very oily the next day. The same results occurred for a few days until she decided that she wanted to try something different. She washed her hair in the morning before work. Her hair did great all day and in fact, she got many compliments. Overall she gives the product a thumbs up and recommends that you wash in the morning so that you don’t have to deal with flat, oily hair during the day.

Chaz Dean is the stylist to the stars and created WEN hair care to help combat damage and frizziness caused by traditional shampoo. He combined natural ingredients to create a cleansing conditioner that does not strip the natural oil of the hair and creates bounce and shine.

Chaz Dean has created a great deal of fans with his Wen hair care system. People everywhere are using this unique mixture of ingredients because it does wonders for their hair. His product has gotten rave reviews and plenty of celebrity endorsements. For more info, visit wenhaircare.com. Be updated! Follow Wen hair on Twitter.



Securus Helps to make Life Easier for Corrections Staff, Inmates and their FamiliestUs

Inmates often need the proper forms and documents to have specific services that are made available within their facilities. Most of these documents must be filled out by hand and must be turned in to the proper authorities before an inmate can receive a phone call, a visit or to file a grievance. ConnectUs is a video technology that allows inmates to have access to these documents from a computerized source.

In the past, prison officials had to fill out paperwork which allowed inmates to have the services that they needed while behind bars. With the ConnectUs system, prison officials will not have to spend a great deal of time filling out forms for inmates. Inmates (or their family members) can fill out the documents that they need. Prison officials can also write out the documents that they need to authorize for certain benefits and privileges for inmates.

ConnectUs provides many different types of forms such as using video visitation technology, hosting phone calls, obtaining commissary, accessing websites, filling out job applications and being able to access education programs. Other forms include Inmate Request Applications, Inmate Handbook documents and Law Library applications.

Keep in mind that Securus provides inmate communications technology in many prison systems throughout the country. Their premiere service is the Video Visitation App which allows inmates and their family members to communicate with one another over a video terminal.

Know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

ConnectUs is just one way that Securus is able to make life easier for prison officials and inmates and their families. You can find out more about Securus and ConnnectUs at PRN.

IAP Expands Its Services

IAP Worldwide Services Inc. is an international company that is in the business of providing a wide and broad selection of services and solutions not only to the United States but also to other international governmental agencies and institutions. For more than 60 years IAP has been a leader in providing program management solutions, and special services while at the same time leveraging and integrating their unique capabilities to provide a safe and reliable solutions to problems that address their special customers’ widely diverse and complex needs on prnewswire.com. IAP’s headquarters are located in Cape Canaveral, Florida and they operate in more than 100 other locations located in over 20 different countries around the world. They also maintain offices in not only Washington D.C. but also in Panama City, Florida, the United Kingdom and in the Middle East.

Recently, IAP acquired DRS Technology Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics business which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They also purchased a Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business located in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, a United States Army facility located in Maryland. IAP’s new Aviation and Logistics business will provide aircraft repair, management, logistics and mission support services while IAP’s new Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business will provide engineering, information technology, and communications support solutions to the United States Department of Defense and other agencies of the U.S. Government. IAP intends to integrate the unique capabilities and talents of these newly acquired businesses into its present structure as a part of IAP’s long-term growth strategy.

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The two new acquisitions will increase the capabilities that IAP can deliver to its worldwide customers and will more than double the size of the available market for services offered by IAP Worldwide. In addition, both the new Aviation and Logistics business and the new Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business will be integrated into a new unit called the Aviation and Engineering Solutions and IAP’s existing National Security Program Unit.

IAP is proud of its role as a leading provider of global-scale logistics and advanced professional and technical services. IAP’s specialty is in engaging and managing the unexpected from natural disasters to overseas battlefields. IAP is also proud of the fact that they have the expertise to coordinate and carry out the logistics necessary to maintain and manage almost anything from a civilian facility, a remote research laboratory, all the way up to a military installation the size of a small city. By adopting our customers’ missions as our own we set ourselves apart from our competition.

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Planning A Stress Free Event With Twenty Three Layers

There are many elements that must be considered when it comes to event planning of any kind. With so many elements in play many people find themselves overly stressed when it comes to choosing a theme, preparing a menu, or determining where to have an event. That is why more and more people are choosing to make immediate use of an event planning company in NYC.

Celebrity Lauren Conrad who is not only known for her television career, but who also has eight bestselling New York Times list books, and a highly successful clothing line exclusive to KOHLS, has recently ventured into the world of party planning. One of her main pieces of advice for anyone planning an event is to simply have “fun.” If you are having fun your guests will be having fun, that is why it is important to eliminate stress from the process altogether.

Another thing to consider is how you can go about simplifying an event when it comes to choosing a theme. For instance, when choosing a theme that may involve costumes of any type, choose a theme wherein the majority of your guests may have the costumes or attire they need already in their wardrobe collection. Most people don’t want to spend money just to impress when attending an event. Lauren Conrad said that this is one of the most important things she learned when first getting started in the world of event planning.

To even further eliminate stress and to avoid potential issues relying on event planners in NYC such as Twenty Three Layers is advisable. A company like Twenty Three Layers can plan and execute every part of your event allowing you to focus on other important elements that may need your attention. Twenty Three Layers is one of the most popular companies of this type located in NYC.

Twenty Three Layers can provide you with exceptional planning services involving each element of the party planning process. They are also one of the top ranked design firms in the area. Additionally, it should be noted that Twenty Three Layers is also one of the most cost effective event planning companies in New York.

*Used these links for reference: http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining/;

Davos Real Estate Group Releases Revolutionary ROI Investment Application

Following the release of technical advances and customer demands, Davos Real Estate Group has been working extensively on a Return on Investment Application to help their various diverse clientele. The app, available for iPhone and android devices, allows users to accurately predict their return on an investment for the real estate properties. David Osio and his executive team have been working closely with an app development company to ensure highest quality and surpass customer’s expectations.


The application itself can be best described as an elaborate, intricate calculator that helps real estate property owners get a better grasp at how much return they should expect. User simply enters a few variables (including estimated expenses associated with the property), and the application spits out an accurate prediction after running through a intricate formula.


Additionally, there are many other tools wrapped up in this calculator, including suggested rental price for property, along with a detailed mortgage calculator. The company is focused efforts for numerous months in order to perfect supplication and help their clientele as much as humanly possible.


Users interested in learning more about Davos CAP Calculator should visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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Investment Banking Still the Trend with Investing

With the amount of investment banks still getting press and popularity each and every day, you would think that at some point the markets would crowd many of them out. However, just because you may or may not know much about investment banks, it does not mean that they are or aren’t having tremendous success. The fact of the matter is even though people are becoming more frightened each and every day about their wealth there has never been a stronger interest in finding reputable investment organizations that can handle finances for each and every individual involved.


One of the top organizations that is starting to make significant progress in the world of investment banking is Madison Street Capital. And, while there are many factors that make a financial organization successful, there are more than enough results that point back to the leadership of Martin Lustgarten as the reason of success for Madison Street Capital. Martin Lustgarten has done a tremendous job in the form of leadership to be able to make changes at the top levels of the organization that trickle down into the day to day operations, but he has also been able to do a remarkable job to ensure that chance is sparked from the bottom as well.


Each and every employee is required to hold the same values and focus on service much in the way that Martin Lustgarten has. That is exactly the reason why Madison Street Capital has been able to grow so quickly and thrive like no other financial organization before. After all, it is important to be able to make sound financial decisions and ensure that each and every transaction makes sense, but what makes far more sense is earning the trust and the respect of your clients so that you will not be stuck trying to bring new ones in constantly as current ones leave out of fear or distrust.


Martin Lustgarten may have built Madison Street Capital on the principles and operational goals that every other financial services company follows, but he also made sure that the entire organization focuses on people first. It is only when you can earn the trust and the respect of each and every potential client as well as existing customer that you will be able to grow in leaps and bounds over short periods of time. The fact of the matter is when you are going to look for help in the current financial sector especially after the most recent events of the financial crisis and the great recession, the only thing you can do is to work with those who you trust the most. The organization built on trust is Madison Street Capital and there are more than enough people who are going to continue working with them.

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Bustle.com Get A Handle On Wen By Chaz Shampoo

Bustle.com is a great place to go for information on beauty products, and the Wen by Chaz shampoo is a really great thing that people can use to deal with their fine hair. There are a lot of people who have fine hair, and they are looking for something that is going to help them keep their hair cleaner. Keeping their hair healthy is going to be the most important thing to them, and that is why they are going to go for Wen hair by Chaz.
People who have fine hair are using it just like the girl who is in the article, and she even took pictures of everything she did when she was washing her hair to prevent confusion. There are a lot of people who are going to read this and try it for themselves, and they can just do what she did when she was writing the article. The shampoo was used the right way, and it made her hair look a lot better. This is really a test of whether someone who has fine hair is going to get any kind of result at all, and they can see it when the article ends.

The girl in the article decided to rinse and dry her hair just like she would any other time, and it means something that people have been hoping for actually works. They will be able to try out this shampoo on their own, and they also need to make sure that they are going to keep trying to get their hair to be in even better shape. A lot of people might have left their hair for dead in the past, and that has damaged it a lot. Now they can use the Wen by Chaz shampoo because they know it will work. Wen hair products are available on total beauty and sephora cosmetics. For more info, check out the Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/.


Advice from Igor Cornelsen to Other Investors

Investment is one keen decision one ought to make, having evaluated carefully the available alternatives and choices they have to choose. A wrong investment decision may warrant a lot of losses, at times even in millions from the investment whereas a good investment result in pretty of profits. It is, therefore, important to consult an expert before embarking on any investment decision. On the other hand, the experts, before coming up with the ultimate decision to invest, or advising one to invest in a certain market, it is appropriate that they carefully analyze the market, interpret the trends before embarking on the investment journey.

Igor Cornelsen, an investment banker in Brazil, helps investors understand the trends and better still advises them on when it’s the appropriate time for investment, ways of analyzing the market before diving in as well as helping individuals manage their portfolios. Being a professional, experienced in the area, it equips him with adequate knowledge on the Brazilian economy. This has enabled him to adequately advise investors, and made a lot of other investment decision, both for himself and enabled his clients to make proper decisions as well.

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Igor Cornelsen – AngelList

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New investors in the Brazilian market
Igor Cornelsen, advises new investors, to acquit themselves with the Brazilians. Brazilians are hospitable and will not be reluctant to give any information you require for your business or investment. Being among the world’s greatest economies, most, Brazilians are entrepreneurs hence appreciate the resources available and hence are welcoming to other potential investors.

The currency exchange, there is no major currency for investors. Currencies change in value every passing day. An investor only keeps an eye on the rates and evaluates the stocks and currency to trade in. However, the Central Bank of Brazil intervenes where the need arises.

He further warns on the many regulations more so to the new investors. A lot of regulations are at play in the various sectors; one ought to be careful to adhere to those governing their sector.

The banking industry is the backbone to many investments; Igor Cornelsen also gives investors a heads up on the banking sector in Brazil before the commencement of investment.

There are ten major key players in the Brazilian economy, distributed in the both private and state sector. The commercial and investment institutions greatly influence the finance industry. Brazilians, more so the investors are looking forward to the newly elected fianc minister, Joaquim Levy to bring a new dawn to in the investment world.

Investors should also pay close attention to China’s economy, it significantly influences, Brazilian economy given that, it is its primary trading partner. A healthy Chinese economy means a real market for Brazilian raw materials it’s also a major competitor to Brazil in the South American market.

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