SEC Whistle Blower Advocate Can Help You Maximize Your Reward

Question: In the post Dodd-Frank era, what incentives exist for whistleblowers to help bring unscrupulous financial-sector professionals to justice for illegal practices?

Answer: Money and lots of it.

SEC whistleblower attorneys can help individuals get the most reward for their information.

Whether a person is an US citizen or foreign national residing in the US, they may file a whistleblower claim themselves and are still eligible to receive compensation in exchange for their information. However, the majority of whistleblowers are much better off securing the services of experienced professionals with a past history of securing the highest reward settlements possible.

Whistleblowers that aid the SEC will receive a lucrative cash reward if government agencies are able to recover at least one million dollars as a result of the whistleblower’s actions. Best of all, whistleblowers are entitled to complete anonymity and job protection.

Recently, under the Dodd-Frank program, one whistleblower received an award of over thirty million dollars in exchange for information that lead to the exposure of one of the largest instances of SEC fraud in US history!

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act was created in 2010 to assist the US Government in securing information used to bring unscrupulous Wall Street investment bankers, traders, and other members of the financial industry to justice after the 2008 financial crisis nearly crippled the world economy and brought about the largest financial meltdown since the collapse of the stock market in the 1920’s.

A whistleblower is entitled to receive a reward of ten to thirty percent based on the amount the agency collects as a result of the information they provide to the Securities & Exchange Commission. One caveat of concern, the amount recovered must be at least one million dollars.

A set of arcane laws are used to determine the amount of the reward provided and an experienced professional can often convince the SEC to award the maximum dollar amount for the information being provided. A few factors involved in the determination are:

  • The importance of the information provided by the whistleblower and how it will impact the overall financial market.
  • The level of assistance provided by the whistleblower and/or their representative.
  • The “programmatic interest” of the SEC with apropos of deterring future, similar crimes from taking place.

These are just a few, brief examples of the myriad of arcana that are cited when determining the value of compensation granted for the whistleblower’s services.

For a whistleblower looking to maximize the value of their information, it becomes essential to locate a representative that has dealt with the SEC previously, and understands how to navigate the murky depths of their legal codex.

Investment Banking Explained In Simple Terms

What Is Investment Banking? The following brief paragraphs will attempt to explain the subject of investment banking so that even a layman can understand what it is and how it functions. Investment banking as its name implies focuses on the investment of capital into ventures. Capital refers to money and ventures refers to businesses.

Investment banks invest their money directly into businesses. They do this by purchasing stock in a company and becoming part owners. Sometimes they may just buy a stake in a company such as a 10% stake for example. Other times investment banks may purchase a company outright for a full price. An investment bank can also lend money out to businesses. Usually this is done in exchange for a stake in the company through the issuance of stock. Sometimes a regular loan is offered that has interest payments.

So how does an investment banks make money? The answer is through dividends in stock, which shareholders receive annually or semi annually depending on the stock. They can also reap in the actual profits of a firm if they are the owners of it. In the case of issuance of loans, they make money by being repaid with interest. One of the biggest way that investment banks make money is by actually selling stock on the financial markets or selling a company for a profit after they have acquired for a higher price.

Martin Lustgarten, An Example Of A Successful Investment Banker

Investment banking can be a tough field to get one’s self into. It requires resilience, determination and patience. It also requires a strong understand of the markets and how they interact with other forces such as the political events happening around the world. Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker, who is fluent in Spanish and knows the politics, culture and economies of Latin America very well. This is why he has selected to focus his investments of the areas he knows best, which is Latin America.

Investment banker, Martin Lustgarten shows that if you want to be successful in investment banking, you need to leverage your talents and expertise to have them work for you. This is shown by Mr. Lustgarten investing in South and Central America, areas he knows well, instead of in Asia. Mr. Lustgarten’s firm Lustgarten Martin is based in South Florida. He himself resides in Ponte Vedra Beach with a loving wife and family. Martin Lustgarten is also a collector of antiques and vintage items which his success in investment banking has allowed him to pursue as a hobby.

Spark’s Tank: Empowering Social Service Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Marc Sparks is a very successful venture capitalist which means he funds startup businesses or business that are ready to branch out. However, his success has never been easy.

Without ever attending a formal college, Sparks had to work very hard for his place in the business world. He has faced and overcome many challenges.

He even wrote a book on his self-made success story titled “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” where he talks about how he went from being a “C” student to a successful businessman.

One look at Spark’s entrepreneurial endeavors and one can see very clearly that Marc is a huge philanthropist – who loves to help other philanthropists! He is involved with many philanthropic organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The American Can! Academy, and his own Sparky’s Kids Foundation that helps underprivileged youth.

In addition to that, Sparks is well-known for his work with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas, that now feeds 200 people every day. “Faith, passion, savvy of monetization, and an outrageous sense of urgency,” is what Sparks says is the key to his success. His strong, philanthropic spirit is what lead to his latest endeavor – Spark Tank.

Together with Lynne Sipiora, Marc Spark founded Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a program that funds grants for social service entrepreneurs. Its aim is to help those entrepreneurs whose ideas others think cannot be done, and then have those organizations impact the community around them. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

First, applicants send in an application, and then three applicants will be chosen to present their ideas in person. The winner gets a $5,000 grant for their idea or organization. Afterwards, Spark Tank posts progress reports to keep the winners accountable.

The first round’s winner was Dogs Matters which provides foster care services for pets of addicts in recovery. Currently, round two applications are due July 15, 2016, and round three applications are due October 15, 2016.

Read more: @msparks5010