Bringing The World Of Ancient Japan To Life With Michael Zomber

Today, people often thing about eras gone by. They try to envision what life was like during certain periods of time. One period of time that has quickly caught the imagination of people everywhere is that of the ancient Samurai period of Japan. During this time, Japan was an isolated society and very much one that looked inward. Imagining what life was like back then has been the province of people with a vivid imagination. Such is the case with author, historian and Japanese metalwork expert Michael Zomber. Zomber is someone who has devoted his life to helping to make sense of the world that formed the swords and the metal armor that he knows so much about today.

Making This World His Own

Making sense of the world that ancient Samurai warriors helped to create has been one of Zomber’s most important life goals. As he reveals in a recent magazine article devoted to his many skills, it is still a world that utterly fascinates him today. He wants others to join in his journey as he continues to learn even more about the metal that was created during this time frame. In order to help further goal, he has spent even more time in this area and examining the world that they made. He has helped provide assistance for many other people who also wish to examine the metal that was created in Japan as closely as he has chosen to do. They know they can count on him for an honest opinion.

His Own World

Just as the Japanese warriors created a world of their own, in a sense Zomber has done the exact same thing today. He wants people to have the same experience that he has had in life in discovering just how much it is possible to admire the metal items that Japanese craft masters created.  Be sure to follow Michael on social media through both CrunchBase, and his personal Facebook.

How Does George Soros Warn Against An EU Recession?

An EU recession could be coming just because of a planned exit by the UK. They are having a referendum, and it is possible that the people of the country could choose to leave. They might be leaving just because they feel like it, but it is possible that they do not understand the ramifications of what they are doing. A USA Today article goes into depth about what George Soros thinks about the situation. He is one of the richest people in the world, and he is an investing wizard who is to be listened to when he speaks. He tells people how they can best invest their money, and he knows a problem when he sees one.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

The problem with the UK choosing to leave the EU is that there will be a major change in trade on the continent. The continent is not built to withstand this kind of change because the best economy on the continent will no longer be a participant. A recession will follow that George Soros thinks will center around commerce volume and currency. That would hit other economies around the world, and then there would be a lot of people who are concerned that they cannot trade as they once did.

Volume will start to go down at George Soros has predicted, and then there will be countries in the EU that will not be able to keep up. It is pretty easy for people to see how bad some economies could get under this plan, and then the recession would result in a less stable EU. The EU would not be in a place where it could come back to its former glory, and George Soros is concerned that some people will not recover at all. He is concerned about avoiding another crisis like that of 2008, and he hopes that people will listen.

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Wen by Chaz: Changing the Way Hair is Done

In today’s day and age, people are always looking for new and exciting ways to take care of their hair and get it done. They sometimes think outside the box and they try out new and innovative products. One of those products that a lot of people are talking about is Wen hair by Chaz, which was recently reviewed on by Emily McClure, a fashion and beauty blogger. She knows a lot about hair, so when she reviews something, you know her opinion stands for something. She isn’t easily swayed by popular views or what others are saying. She gives the sephora endorsed product its day in court and tells it like it is. When you read her review, at the following link:, you really get a glimpse of what it is all about and what it stands for.

She takes you through it, seven days, with photos and talks about the results, each and every day. This is great because it tells you that when you buy the product, this is what you can expect and this is what you are going to see when you use it. There is nothing better proof than pictures and hearing it from the person themselves. She has fine hair and she talks about this QVC advertised brand is good for all hair, and it takes care of everything as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

That is a wonderful thing, without a shadow of a doubt. You get everything, all-in-one, for a good price. You don’t need multiple bottles of something to take care of your hair and get the results you want. The best part of the article was hearing about the end result and how happy and confident she was by day seven. She received a ton of compliments and it really made her feel good about herself.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Named as Coriant CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir has been named as the new CEO and board chairman of Coriant, as just reported by FierceTelecom. Kheradpir will be stepping into the shoes of the former CEO of Coriant, Pat DiPietro, who will now transition into the role of chairman of Coriant. Kheradpir is already very familiar with the operations of Coritant because he spent the last year as part of the senior management team with Marlin Equity Partners, which owns Coriant. He also has more than 28 years of experience in the telecom industry, during which time he served as the CEO of Juniper until November 2014.

Shaygan Kheradpir is perhaps best recognized for his time serving as a top executive at Verizon and GTE. In these roles, Kheradpir was instrumental in assisting with the roll out of Verizon’s FiOS FTTH service, which involved more than $20 billion in capital investment. Coriant will only benefit from Kheradpir’s decades of knowledge and experience in the telecom industry. As Coriant has been obtaining major deals with valuable customers in recent months, including Australia’s NBN, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC), Kheradpir will have his hands full right out of the gate.

Coriant was founded in 2013 as an independent company based on technology from Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Because Coriant is rooted in more than 35 years of technological innovations, it is able to serve leading network operators in more than 100 countries on six different continents around the world. Its impressive global presence includes mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers, cloud and data center operators, government agencies and departments, large enterprises and utility companies. All of its logistical support and cutting edge technology is what makes the difference in Coriant providing the ultimate end user experience. In just a few years, Coriant has become the supplier to nine out of the 10 top Tier 1 service providers in the world. Right now, Coriant is the holder of more than 1,800 patents on ground breaking technology to continue to innovate its products and services.

Coriant is positioned to continue leading the way in the telecom industry for many years to come under the proven leadership of Kheradpir. Kheradpir’s many connections in the telecom industry will be the cherry on top of Coriant’s already tested technology to keep winning over satisfied customers with the best possible service experience.

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Chico The Tibetan Mastiff No Longer Has Allergic Reactions Thanks To Beneful

I have a Tibetan Mastiff and her name is Chico. Although Chico is very protective over our family she is very strong willed and stubborn also. We have a very hard time getting Chico off of the couch when we have guests over who want to sit down. Chico thinks she is queen over everyone and everything and has the right to do whatever she wants. Chico is almost 10 years old and is getting up there in age. For a long time, we were having problems with finding a good dog food for Chico as she was having allergic skin reactions to various types of dog food. Luckily when Chico was about 5 years old and we had already tried multiple different dog foods with the same outcome someone recommended to us that we try putting Chico on Beneful because it has very nutritious and healthy ingredients that would make it highly unlikely for Chico to have an allergic skin reaction to it. After about a week of having Chico on Beneful originals dog food, her skin started to clear up and she was no longer itching herself. Sense starting Chico on Beneful dog food we have let her try not only Beneful originals [product link:] but also Beneful wet dog foods like Tuscan style medley, chicken flavored chopped blends, and Mediterranean style medley. Chico has yet to have a problem with Beneful dog food and we see it as a miracle because it has been able to clear up her skin and give her 5 years of no allergic reactions. Out of the four dog foods made by Beneful that I had mentioned Chico’s favorite is still the Beneful originals dog food that we first gave her when we started her on Beneful dog food. Chico enjoys all of Beneful’s food but the originals are her favorite. I don’t know where Chico would be if Beneful dog food was not recommended to us as I was feeling like giving up right before we found it on Wal-Mart. If your dog has an allergic reaction to many different types of dog foods try products because it helped Chico a lot.




Finding Love On Skout Has Been Great For Me

I was very hesitant to get back into the dating world because of my past relationship. My girlfriend had left me for my best friend, and I have known both of them since high school. Although I know that I might find someone out there who wouldn’t break my heart, I didn’t know where to start looking. I was so bored one day when I started looking through the dating sites online, and that’s when I came across the Skout network. Skout was a lifesaver for me because of the fact that it helped me to open up my heart again and to start looking for a date.

I had never dated online because I found my sweetheart in high school, and we stayed together for ten years. Only because she broke my heart, that’s why I ended up alone. I had no idea how to date, and online dating was foreign to me. I learned how to use the Skout website, and I then switched over to using the Skout application. I like the application so much that I use it every day instead of using the website. When I went to work, I would find some free time to go on to Skout to talk to others.

I initially went on Skout to start dating, but Skout drew me in to find people to socialize with, and this was very helpful. I started socializing with some girls, which eventually led to something more. I really started liking one girl, in particular, and I was so happy when she said she wanted us to meet. Using the Skout application is how I knew that she was close to me because I could turn on the location search, I’d find people close to me. I was glad that she was in the same area as me, so we decided to meet.

The lady and I met one night for dinner, but it was completely casual. After going out for the night, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we made plans to go out again the next week. The whole week we talked to each other on the Skout network until it was time to go out on a date again, and I was looking forward to the date. The fact is, Skout helped me to find a nice lady, and I don’t know if it will be something that turns into love, but I’m still glad that I used Skout.

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Goettl And Moore Air Conditioning And Over 100 Jobs Equal Big Win For All

Goettl Air Conditioning recently acquired Moore Air Conditioning making it better able to provide its customers the best technicians in the industry according to Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning. According to Bill Moore, President of the 50 year old family owned Moore Air Conditioning company, Goettl Air Conditioning will continue their legacy of providing superior residential service. From this, one can sense their mutual respect.

The Goettl Air Conditioning company started in 1939 and moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 1968, but it left Southern Nevada in 2007 because of the recession. Ken Goodrich brought the business back to his hometown of Las Vegas in 2016, the place his knowledge and experience of heating and air condition repair and Goettl products started, after he purchased the company in 2013. He had worked side by side with his father at the age of 10 on service calls and gained much knowledge and wisdom. Goettl Air Conditioning still offers the highest quality AC and Heating equipment as well as a range of repair, replacement and maintenance services to the Phoenix, Tucson, Southern California and Las Vegas areas.

Moore Air Conditioning has been known as Las Vegas heating and cooling specialist from providing HVAC services for over 50 years with a core value of customer satisfaction and affordable prices. Goettl’s acquisition of Moore positioned them as the primary residential air condition service provider in the local market, requiring them to add over 100 employees over the next year with technicians being chosen through the College of Southern Nevada technology program for air condition service and repair. Ken Goodrich honors his father through his creation of the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program and also helps create job opportunities for veterans through the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HAVAC Program.

Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

The best PR Newswire news to come out of Securus Technologies, found here, is that they’re innovating up to THREADS 3.1, which is a new system of communication for inmates and law enforcement officers that will make a revolution in corrections and technology there. You’re sure to appreciate this awesome change. I’ll tell you about it.

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Suddenly, Securus Technologies is using THREADS 3.1 to make user interfaces easier, which means that investigations can be completed in a much easier manner, and it also means that folks who are on the other side of video calls will get a better picture. Also, you’re sure to love the upgrade to HTML 5, which is the best and newest way of getting everything out of this software.

The result according to Linked, of all of this upgrading is increased performance, and intelligence issues are handled better, too. THREADS 3.1 clearly makes Securus Americz Technologies a company working at the platinum level of inmate communications, and they are serving over 1,200,000 inmates across the continent, along with over 3,450 law enforcement safety officers that work them. Why look elsewhere for the utmost in inmate communication? You’re sure to get just what you need from this technology. Securus has the market for now. Click here: