Beauty Blogger Uses WEN! See Her Results!

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist, most of us recognize him from infomericals for his revolutionary hair care products Wen hair by Chaz ( A 5 in 1 formula designed to replace shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. It’s endorsed by actress and Grammy winning singer Alyssa Milano, who was actually one of the first people to use WEN by Chaz Dean.

Beyond just the cleansing conditioner, Wen hair now offers a range of products. Today, you can purchase WEN styling products and tools from sephora beauty market, you can even get cleansing conditioner for your pet. It is also available online on The brand has certainly come a long way. Chaz Dean has made some pretty remarkable claims about his product, and the results we see in the infomercials pretty much speak for themselves. But, a lot of us have wondered if it actually works as well as we see on television.

Beauty and fashion blogger Emily McClure tested WEN by Chaz for seven days and described her results in a lengthy review, published at The article explains her experience in rich detail, with pictures. She tracks her ups and downs with the product in an honest, descriptive, and critical tone. Click here to read the review and see Emily’s results for yourself.

Investing with Kyle Bass

There are a lot of people who are interested in investing in the stock market for a variety of reasons. Not only can it increase investment returns over the long term, but there are a lot of ways that people can enhance their current quality of life. One of the most well-known investors is Kyle Bass. There was a time when he was one of the best financial advisors in the country. However, as the stock market crashed, his investments went down with the rest of the market. This is a great example that the highest returns are not always the best way to go.

Working with Bear Stearns

For many years, Bear Stearns was one of the best financial institutions in the country. There are a lot of people who are interested in learning about the collapse of the company. Before the financial crisis, there was a lot of evidence to suggest that something bad was going to happen. There are a lot of people who believe that people like Kyle Bass knew the market was crashing and had to get ultra-risky to cover the returns for investors. Although this worked for a period of time, over the long term it was obvious that Kyle Bass was done.

There are a lot of people who want to know how Kyle Bass was able to go from one of the top financial bloggers to someone who lost a career. There are a lot of great lessons for people who are interested in entering the marketplace. There are many people who want to work with financial advisers who are exciting and have high returns. However, often times it is better to go with advisers who have a track record of success over time. Anyone who wants to enter the industry should look at the example of Kyle Bass as someone who did not keep the long term in mind when making investments.  Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler should be required reading at this point.

Investing in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market requires a lot of hard work and attention. There are a lot of people who think that this is a great way to make a fast return. However, Kyle Bass is a great example that this does not work over a long period of time. Instead of trying to find an easy way out, it is much more important to think about the long term implications of your investing decisions.

Slyce Technologies: A True Trailblazer

In today’s world, new technology is being released every minute that helps make our lives as a consumer more manageable. A leader in the world of technology is Slyce, a technology company that prides itself on being the number one contributor in shaping internet use and commerce. Slyce Technologies has recently gone above and beyond by creating technology that is breaking barriers and setting new standards in customer engagement. The creative and management teams responsible for Slyce Technologies’ recent act of trail blazing the world of internet commerce technology have over 50+ years of combined experience in the industry. The creative and management teams at Slyce have developed a business strategy that places them as the pivotal player in the web and internet commerce industries.

Slyce provides technology to retailers, brands, and visual search app developers that allow these entities to have their products available to be purchased instantly with the use of any smart phone. The most popular piece of technology created by Slyce, the company’s “snap to use” universal scanner, is changing the way consumers shop both online and in-person. This universal scanner allows users to snap an image of a barcode, specific item, or coupon and upload it to the manufacturers site for immediate purchase or discount! Shoe Carnival is the latest major player in the use of the Slyce Technologies universal scanner. In a recent article by NASDAQ, Shoe Carnival has announced that they will working with Slyce Technologies to launch a 3D visual app that will allow Shoe Carnival customers to take a photo of any shoe carnival footwear and receive search results for immediate purchase. As one of the nations largest family footwear providers, Shoe Carnival is an exciting milestone for Slyce Technologies and will surely boost the reputation of the company for an exciting future!

Wiki Experts For Hire Handle Monitoring Work

Wikipedia pages are fantastic resources for establishing a message. The content on the page helps craft a perception of people, places, and things. The content is capable of highlighting many positives and, possibly, putting negative things into a better perspective. Businesses are sure to gain from good Wikipedia business page creation. So are individuals hoping to reverse any negativity associated with their reputation. The artistry of crafting a tremendous Wikipedia page from day one helps with such a cause.

A Wikipedia page has to be more than written well the first time it is published. Consistent monitoring is important in order to ensure the Wikipedia page never deviates from the prime directive: helping promote, brand, and support its subject. A Wikipedia page that goes off the rails is not going to be of much benefit, which is why it is important to make Wikipedia edits quickly as things come up.

Wikipedia is home to a community of volunteers. Students from the University of Sydney are among the contributors. The primary reason they are contributing is to get a grade. (Their Wiki work replaces test taking and essay writing) Many already existing entries on Wikipedia are sure to benefit from the contributions of these students. By acting as Wikipedia editors, they can end up changing a page for the better. Inaccurate content could be fixed, and reliable newly researched material may be infused in its place.

Businesses, however, cannot rely on these students. Entrepreneurs should hire Wiki experts such as the ones affiliated with Get Your Wiki, a well-regarded Wikipedia management firm. Management duties include content monitoring.

To ensure the page always does what is required of it, effective monitoring work must be done. Hiring Wiki writers from a reputable Wikipedia writing company will cut out the headache of making any Wikipedia revisions yourself. Check out the Wikipedia editors for hire from a site such as Get Your Wiki to learn more about these services.

The reason is Wikipedia’s open-source community invites and encourages volunteer editors to infuse their own content into the page. This way, content is consistently updated and fresh. New developments added to the page allows the page to remain relevant. The more relevant the page, the more likely the page will continue to draw new traffic.

For businesses, this can bring forth more than a few complications. Fair or not, businesses do find themselves mired in controversy at time. Unflattering news about executives, product recalls, and legal actions could find their way into the Wikipedia page. Without effective monitoring work, the Wikipedia page could end up being a source of very negative perceptions. Reliable monitoring work can handle these updates. An editor charged with the task of monitoring the site could make sure any content published is 100% accurate. Anything that fails the accuracy test ends up being removed. Content that is accurate could be put into a better context. The whole story could be told helping to mitigate any damage to a reputation.

George Soros Takes Steps to Help The Environment

A Clean Energy Fund

Media reports on Politifact surfaced recently that billionaire investor George Soros, recently ranked as the 23rd wealthiest person in the world by Forbes Magazine, has joined Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, in contributing to the establishment of a Clean Energy Fund. The new fund seeks to assist governments in developed parts of the world in donating some $20 billion over the next few years to poorer nations to assist them in making significant investments in developing a “clean” renewable energy infrastructure.

The investment in energy systems on in poorer nations seeks to slow factors contributing to the problems of global warming and environmental degradation. Early in April, the United States Environmental Protection Agency released a massive 332-page study outlining health-related concerns implicated in the global warming process. The federal agency foresees widespread health threats to the public as a result of imminent changes in the Earth’s climate caused by global warming. Problems range from heat waves causing loss of life, to an increase in diseases spread by parasites that thrive in warmer climates.

George Soros’ Background

George Soros on marketwatch contribution to the Clean Energy Fund will infuse seed capital into an effort to take concrete steps to respond to the global warming threat. In recent years, the retired financier has made extensive donations of time and money supporting charitable and philanthropic causes. His contributions relate to issues that he hopes will produce significant societal changes in future years. In 1979, George Soros helped establish the influential Open Societies Foundations, a group of funds dedicated to increasing the transparency of government.

George Soros on latino.foxnewws traces the roots of his political activism on behalf of many causes to his youth. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, he spent the summer of 1944 with his family hiding in order to avoid apprehension by the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. George witnessed the hardships that dictators can impose on civilian populations first hand, and later in life sought to encourage democratic government.

Benefits of Slowing Global Warming

Slowing the speed of global warming by encouraging the use of clean energy technologies in developing nations could significantly assist the environment in many parts of the world today. During the past two decades, warmer conditions have caused habitat changes threatening many species of plants and animals. Global warming has begun threatening the safety of people residing in Pacific Island nations such as Kiribati, too, as rising sea levels eat away at low-lying coastal areas.

At the same time, environmental degradation due to pollution in populous recently industrialized nations, such as China, currently contributes to extremely unhealthy conditions in some locales. As India, Pakistan and other nations develop expanded infrastructure, the need for sustainable “green” energy implementation grows urgent.

The Future

Hopefully, the Clean Energy Fund will encourage the adoption of cleaner energy sources by governments and countries around the world. George Soros and other investors in the fund ultimately may produce profound societal changes by encouraging beneficial environmental policies.

Knowing Where to Look for Investment Advice

For people that are thinking about investing, it is important to look for investment advice. It is even more important to consider the source of that advice. Don’t take just any piece of advice blindly. It is important for people to do the homework and figure out for themselves whether or not the piece of advice for investing is going to work for them. Also, it is important to find advice for all types of market conditions. One piece of advice that may work on one market condition according to a PR Newswire article is likely going to work as well on another condition. For instance, one piece of advice to take when market conditions are calm is not going to hold well in volatile markets.

When looking for advice from a source, the best source to look for is one that has experienced investing in all types of market conditions. This source would be able to provide you comprehensive advice on what to do in market conditions. One of the most experienced sources of information is Laidlaw & Company. Laidlaw & Company is actually almost 170 years experienced in the markets. Their services are centered on the needs for companies that are domestic and international. They also help out entrepreneurs, private clients, and institutions throughout the world.

Laidlaw has a large network that is continuously growing in the Europe and United States. Among the traits that add to the success of this company is are a strong worth ethic, strong relationships and the willing and ability to think outside the box. These traits are what drive the culture of the SEC registered laidlaw & company. One of their industries of focus is healthcare. They also deal with people who are entrepreneurial as well as encourage independence. Laidlaw have a strong retail sales force that young companies can use in order to quickly earn money.