Sergio Cortes Explains the Transmission and Dangers of Zika Virus

The first evidence of Zika virus emerged in the 1940s, and was first identified in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and other African countries. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the virus also spread throughout Asia, reaching places like India and Thailand, over the years.
In 2015, the Zika virus began to circulate in nine Latin American countries, including Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. The WHO (World Health Organization) was alarmed enough to issue a warning about the dangers of the disease. This summary will focus on the Zika virus’s origins and possible role in other diseases.

The first cases of Zika virus in Brazil occurred in April. Since then, the steady increase in the number of cases of the disease has health experts in that country worried.

The Zika virus is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from one person to another. An person can only get the disease through the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The problem is when an uninfected mosquito bites a person with the Zika Virus, the mosquito becomes contaminated. From there, the mosquito transmits the disease to those who are subsequently bitten, thus generating a hard-to-control chain reaction. Incidentally, mosquitoes transmit dengue fever and chikungunya by that method.

Overall, the Aedes aegypti prefers to lay her eggs in clean water and virtually any location serves as breeding. Even bottle caps with standing water, Cortes notes, can serve as mosquito breeding ground. However, it can adapt to different situations, and can reproduce in waters containing organic materials. Sergio Cortes cites a recent study that proves the eggs of Aedes aegypti can remain inert in a local dry land for up to one year, waiting for any contact with the water to develop.

While the symptoms of Zika virus can be quickly controlled and cured, what worries doctors is that there is a proven link between Zika virus and microcephaly. Doctors also speculate that the Zika virus may be connected with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a very serious neurological and autoimmune disease.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health confirmed the link between the virus and microcephaly at the end of August. The Ministry of Health found to the most affected regions with cases of microcephaly had Zika virus outbreaks months before. The link to Guillain-Barré syndrome comes from many cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome arising after viral or bacterial infection.

Sources: (translated from Portuguese)

Soros Urges EU Leader To Turn To Hope, Not Fear In Face Of Refugee Crisis

Imagine being born Jewish in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. At such a young age it would be difficult to see just how destructive the Nazis would be, but all the anti-Semitism would most definitely strike fear into your heart. Now imagine that your father has secured false papers and has changed your last name to avoid Nazi persecution. Then the inevitable happens. The Nazis occupy your home city and do not allow you to go to school. Your father narrowly fools the Nazis as they hunt for Jews in the city. After the war comes to a close, your family loses everything. Would you want to stay in Hungary?
That’s exactly what happened to George Soros, the world renowned hedge fund billionaire, when he was a young boy. His family decided not to stay and fled to the United Kingdom. He scraped pennies, put himself through college and found his success. Now the 85-year-old is semiretired and devotes his time to philanthropy, promoting progressive values and open societies around the globe. But you can understand why this most recent Syrian refugee crisis in the European Union is so troubling to him.

George Soros knows exactly what is at stake, in a humanitarian sense and an economic sense. That’s why he thinks that the European Union is on the verge of collapse. He knows that a tsunami of penniless refugees could tear down the economy of the European Union. After all, refugees need to be housed, fed and assimilated; and that all costs money. But he also knows that these refugees need to have a chance just like the chance he got after World War II.

The landscape in Europe has changed. Soros now sees German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leader of the free world and he is pointing to her to show strong leadership in order to ease this humanitarian and economic crisis. The humanitarian crisis is obvious. Families escaping Syria pile into dilapidated boats in order to reach the shores of Europe. Boats have been known to sink in some countries in Europe have been known to turn refugees away. This puts their lives in danger.

But the economic crisis is also evident to George Soros according to NY Books. He sees the need for hope. These refugee families must be given the hope of a future, but all he sees his fear. After the terror attacks in Paris, Europeans are more likely to fear refugees than to take them in. It is now Germany’s turn to step up to the plate; to shine a light on the open door for people in need. If all the European Union countries work together they can vet and absorb refugees at a rate that will benefit the economy and strengthen the union. If they succumb to fear, the union falls apart.

The Queens of Drama Spice up Television

The Stunning Ms. Crystal Hunt
The stunning and beautiful Crystal Hunt will amaze you in the Queens of Drama. Enjoy the taste of savvy sass with Crystal. Her charisma shines brightly and proves to captivate the audience. Her facebook fan page indicates Crystal is well-known for her part on the Guiding Light. Crystal shows off her talent in creative ways. She is an experienced actress who has played many amazing roles. CrunchBase shows she began her career when she was only two years old. She started in pageants. She has been flying and soaring all through her career. She is a talented individual who clearly loves to entertain. She adds her own unique splash of intrigue to this show.

A Reality Show Filled With Daring Drama
The daytime and primetime soap queens teamed up to bring a touch of daring drama into our lives. The royal ladies have joined forces to reflect the sauce and spice that every royal drama queen adds to life. The fun and intriguing chemistry of this cast has amazed and excited every viewer. A touch of reality included in this series adds the perfect balance of spice and drama. This is indeed an amazing group of drama queens who have the ability to show off their appealing styles and charming personalities. A touch of conflict is the added attraction to this reality show. They offer big fun with just the right amount of spicy class. Wet your appetite with the Queens of Drama. The stunning cast includes the following:
* Crystal Hunt
* Lindsay Hartley
* Vanessa Marcil
* Chrystee Pharris
* Hunter Tylo
* Donna Mills
* Renee Elise Goldsberry (the second season-present)
* Bree Williamson (the second season -present)
* Joan Collins (a guest)
This is a cast of royal queens who create magic in this reality show. This is a cast filled with talented divas who will not let their audience down. Excitement, intrigue, and drama fills this entertaining show. This is a powerful cast of leading ladies who are capable of igniting the idea that woman and their deep desires matter.

The Nominations for Awards Speak Volumes About Crystal Hunt
Crystal Hunt has been honored with nominations for awards that truly speak volumes about her talent. She was nominated for the Soap Opera Digest the Daytime Emmy Awards. These are awards that are given out and they nominate individuals who have provided excellence for their performances. Helen Hunt has offered much talent to every role she has ever played. She has the ability to evoke emotions through her performances while adding her own personal touch to her parts.

Crystal Plays a Fictionalized Version of Herself

Interviews about the show indicate that Crystal does play a fictionalized version of herself on this show. She has blended her character with characters that she previously has played on soap operas. This mixture adds a touch of beauty with just a splash of villain. Creativity and a stunning lady have proven to be more than just entertaining. Her character is amazing and intriguing in every way.

Attorney Ross Abelow Starts a Fundraiser for Animals

Often, the last thing people think about when they think of animal shelters is how the animals is who pays for the animals’ care. Attorney Ross Abelow, long-time New Yorker, has not only thought about it—he’s doing something about it.

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Launched on January 13, 2016, Abelow started a fundraiser. This fundraiser benefits the New York area animal shelters. He has a goal to raise $5,000 to help the shelters pay for many things people don’t think about like:
• Blankets for homeless animals
• Food
• Medical care
These things are the most needed at animal shelters.

Winter is the Worse Time for Pets

Everyone knows what happens in winter. The temperatures drop dramatically. While people focus on bundling up and sheltering their pets from the cold, there are animals that don’t have that luxury. Homeless and abused animals are left out in the cold. Unfortunately, many shelters don’t have the room, finances and necessities to help every animal in need.

It’s why Abelow is stepping up. He desperate to prevent animal deaths. He also wants to give more of those animals a space shelters. It’s why this fundraiser means so much to him. Abelow is hoping that more people feel the way he does about animals in need and will step up with him. Raising $5,000 will be great. Exceeding that amount will be awesome!

Ross Abelow is a licensed attorney. He began practicing in New York State in 1990. He’s a long-time resident of the area and an avid New Yorker. He graduated with his undergraduate degree from the State University of New York. He then completed his law degree at Brooklyn Law School. He graduated with his law degree in 1989.

Abelow specializes in family and matrimonial law, commercial litigation and entertainment law. He’s spent 26 years defending clients prior to become partner at the Abelow & Cassandro, LLP.
When he’s not working for clients, he spends his time writing legal articles and blogs. His goal is helping people learn more about the law as much as he can.

If you are interested in helping Abelow meet and surpass his fundraising goal, you can. Go to his GoFundMe page where he’s accepting donations. He can also be contact at the site to answer any questions you may have about his fundraising campaign.

The Unethical and Foolish Practices Of Kyle Bass

However, this wasn’t true of everybody. UsefulStooges identified that Kyle Bass successfully predicted that the 2008 stock market crash was on the horizon. He also predicted the subprime mortgage crisis. Due to this, he gained an extraordinary amount of credibility. However, he lost this credibility just as readily. Kyle Bass has now made incredibly foolish career moves that have caused him to be seen highly poorly by almost everyone. He also has been seen as extremely unethical. In fact, he became an ally to foreign politicians that are known to cause serious economic problems and suffering in their country.

First off, Kyle Bass tends to make a lot of predictions about the economy. However, these days, the predictions never seem to come true. He really has a lot of stuff to say, but it is essentially erroneous commentary about what is going to happen with the economy. He also has a way of frequently going on television. However, these appearances have included him giving incorrect predictions and presenting himself in a bad way. These appearances haven’t been very monetarily productive for him. However, he continues to go on television. Not only that, but he goes on television more these days. However, the total amount that he has made from his television appearances is on the decline.

Kyle Bass seems to support the Argentine politicians that are wrecking the Argentine economy. He even supports Cristina Kirchner. She is known to be causing economic pain to many Argentines. However, Kyle Bass appears to be a very strong supporter of her. It is strange that Kyle Bass would support her. He is not a native of Argentina, and he is a United States citizen. The fact that he would support a bad Argentine politician is truly mysterious.

However, among the worst of Kyle Bass’ recent career moves has been what he’s doing to drug companies. He essentially has a scheme set up where he essentially scams drug companies. His scheme has caused many people to die, due to lack of access to effective medical care. However, Kyle Bass ignores this. His interests are solely in making money off of this scheme.

Kyle Bass used to be seen as one of the greatest investment experts. However, he’s seen in a completely opposite way now. He is seen as one of the most unethical and foolhardy businessmen. He’ll likely continue to be seen badly by the world. However, there are indications that his image will continue to decline. His profits are likely to decline over the years, as well.

The Friendly Lifestyle At The Manse On Marsh

When Dr. Hopkins began studying John and other seniors who were suffering from anxiety during their retirement years, he collected all sorts of information about their lifestyles and came to a conclusion that assisted living facility was the right choice for them. These seniors then followed what their physician said, made the right choice and had the life of their own.

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo that is dedicated for making the life of senior citizens a better one. It comes with many features including private accommodation, fresh meals, transportation, medical care, laundry service, cleaning service, social gathering, exercise programs and much more. The key to success for much of the programs offered at this center is the active participation of residents living here who are very keen on improving their quality of life. It turned out to be a successful venture as each of the program and package offered here are tailored to individual needs and budget. People who come to live are from various backgrounds. They have lived through depression, health issues and prosperity. They have been engineers, lawyers, house-sitters, business people, administrators, teachers and all sorts of white and blue collar workers. All of them have come with one goal in life – to live a comfortable and peaceful retirement years. For them, the Manse on Marsh is the right selection for many reasons. The facility provides everything that they need with affordability in mind. Some of the physicians working here proudly identify themselves as the part of the programs that are dedicated to making the life and health of the residents better.

There are many cases and examples that give a good illustration of what residents have got from living at this facility, including activities that Manse on Marsh has become known for. Most of them grew up in California and chose this place to spent the rest of their lives after retirement. They gravitated towards this facility mainly because of its affordable price and quality of service. For them and most others, this facility is a boon. Many were financially successful and many were not. This center is for people from all walks of life – rich or poor. Always amusing to the residents is the way the Manse on Marsh is coming up with new features at this facility and making the lives of seniors at ease. The caretakers here make sure that the seniors are conscious about their health. The programs here have attracted a number of people over the years as well. Here they get to live the longest, lead interesting and startling lives. The Manse on Marsh is designed to make all this happen for a price that is very affordable to senior citizens.  Manse Blog can show you that they have a ton to offer anybody.  The happy and enthusiastic Twitter following pretty much speaks for itself.

What Brad Reifler Recommends Doing To Get Involved With Investment

Money is something we all deal with. Money is something that can bring us both good and bad times. The idea is to bring out more of the good times. This is exactly why we are here today.

Brad is CEO of Forefront Capital. He sat down for an online interview recently to give a refresher course on money.  Wikipedia shows that Brad has a ton of experience in the business world.

“Money is something that you always have to pay attention to. Money is like a relationship with your partner. You constantly have to know what is both right and wrong. You have to work at it. Otherwise, it’s something you just throw down the drain.”

There is a right way to handle money and investments and a wrong way as Brad Reifler’s Reuters investment tips showcases. Today, we are here with Brad to discuss the right ways. We asked Brad about the stock market. We wondered how good of an idea it is to put all your money into it.

“The stock market can be pretty destructive. It can work for you and against you. This is why it’s a good idea to have other plans. The stock market is good for some things, but you still need a backup plan.”

“I tell my clients they need to have a game plan. They need to know what they want to achieve within a certain time frame. It’s not good enough to come in and say that you want to make money. This is too simple. I need to know how you want to achieve this. I also need to know how much money a client is willing to invest in their dream. I also try ti impress upon my clients the value of diversification. You can get more flies with honey. It’s time to apply this to investments and money.”

We asked Brad about the direction of his own firm. We wondered if he was worried, given the state of certain financial institutions.

“It’s something I worry about, yes. This is why I have decided to go in and restructure everything. We always had this idea that using accredited people was the only way to go. These are the people who pull down at least $200,000 + a year. We realized that we were leaving lots of options off the table. Other people want to get involved. We are just looking to find a way to make this possible, even for those who aren’t making lots of money.”  He’s said on many forums, including from Brad Reifler’s Twitter.

“I think it’s wrong to keep the 99% out of the loop. These people have something of value to offer. I am looking to reinvent the wheel so that those without money can get the same rewards.”  There’s more information about Brad Reifler available on his page.

Sergio Cortes Speaks Out About The Flooding Situation in Xerem

At certain times of the year, rain can cause a problem. Even in nations that are used to heavy rains, officials may face problems that result from a long period of heavy and continued rain. Rain that stays in a given area may cause problems that make it very hard for those living there to carry out their daily activities. People may even be unable to live in their houses because such homes have been flooded from the problems with rain. Those who face such problems may also face other issues such as lack of access to potable water and even the possibility of contracting a serious disease.

This issue reported by Atanews has been a problem in an area of Brazil in recent weeks. Xerem, a part of Brazil located near Rio, has been subject to a great deal of rain. Many residents have been startled by the intensity of the rains here. They have also been caught unaware of the rains and have needed help them cope with their problems. Health officials in the region such as Sergio Cortes have rushed to provide for the needs of those residents who may not have access to important basics here such as clean water and a dry place to sleep. Reporters at Extra have sought out his thoughts on the current crisis and what he and other health officials are doing to provide for the needs of those who live in this area.

Cortes is a medical doctor who has been part of the efforts here. He is a health official who knows what kind of steps are needed to make sure that no additional problems from the floods in this region. This is why he and other officials here caution that it is important to provide the right kind of aid to residents. One of their aims at this point in time is to make sure all residents have access to water that is clean. This is why officials have helped bring bottled water. Water that is contaminated as a result of floods can have problems that may include the spread of dangerous and contagious diseases. Niteroi reports that Cortes and other officials urge those wanting to donate to help flood victims to consider donating bottled water to help in such efforts. They urge residents to use such water at all times.

Learn more about his efforts by following him both on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Compliance Officers Must Be Trained To Get Rid Of Corporate Scandals

Recently, compliance officers have filled the market. However, despite their growing numbers, they have not been able to end the many problems facing corporates concerning scandals and frauds. In a recent report by a famous consulting company called Sterling Management, consulting officers are not doing their job perfectly. Sterling Management is located in Los Angelis.

The CEO of Sterling Management is Mr. Kevin Wilson. According to Wilson, the problems faced in organizations as a result of fraud and other scandals cannot come to an end because the officers in the field do not have the right skills, knowledge and power. These officers have no idea what to do when these problems occur. They are supposed to identify the problem before it gets out of hand.
According to Mr. Wilson, these compliance officers’ positions are held by individuals who have not been trained, lack authority and some of them do not even fit for the department. In most cases, the compliance officers are too busy handling other duties and this makes them forget the real problems and this can make the organization can collapse.
The salary offered to the compliance officers is quite worrying, and this affects their work a lot. Just recently, there were some problems faced by the Volkswagen manufacturing company. The software cheating led to a lot of damages to the brand, and this could have been avoided if the officers were well paid. In 2013, they were getting only $64340 every month, and this made them cheat just to get bonuses. The problem would have been detected early by the compliance officers if they really wanted to.
Helane Morrison is a reputable compliance officer who is respected by many in the industry today. She has other important positions too. She is managing director, general counsel and much more. Today, she is the chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners. She has been very successful in the male dominated career, and this has been possible because of the skills she possesses. Being a compliance officer is quite challenging, but she always performs her job well.
She has worked in other places before joining Hall Capital Partners. She was working for the United Sates Securities and Exchange Commission found in San Francisco. She held that position from 1999 to 2007. Helane had a lot of duties in that position, but she executed them perfectly. she has won several award in the industry too.

To learn more about Helane’s work experience, connect with her on Crunchbase or LinkedIn.