Yeonmi Park: Strength Through Adversity

Yeonmi Park is one of the few North Korean defectors who have lived to her story. When this 22-year-old woman speaks, she gives all of her audiences a peek into life under the very oppressive North Korean regime. Park describes on The Reason a country in which many citizens are starving, there is no good access to healthcare and one wrong word could cost you your life. This was what happened to one of Park’s friends’ mothers. Yeonmi can’t even really remember what the woman was executed for, but it happened in front of everyone who lived in their town. From a very young age, Yeonmi’s mother had tried to impart wisdom to her about speaking one’s mind. She cautioned her small daughter to keep her thoughts to herself, because voicing them could get her into serious trouble with the government. The electricity in the Park family’s town was constantly on the fritz. This was why, as Yeonmi has pointed out, the satellite photos of North Korea at night are extremely dark when compared to other countries. Very few North Koreans have access to consistent forms of electricity. Also, when the electricity does work it can also malfunction, causing fires. As the years passed by for Yeonmi’s family, the situation in North Korea became increasingly volatile. There were years of famine, and Yeonmi’s father became involved in some black market deals in order to support his family. When government officials discovered this fact, he was sent for a trial and then sentenced to hard labor. Yeonmi’s mother tried to get him released, but to no avail. After this mark on the family’s honor, it became even more difficult for them to find food. Subsisting off of frozen potatoes, grasshoppers and other items they could find in their backyard, all of the women were malnourished. It was at this point, with nothing to lose, that they made the decision to flee the only country they’d ever known. Yeonmi’s sister was the first to go, and then she and her mother followed later. Although they would encounter many difficulties, they were taking their first step to freedom.

A Different Real Estate Training Method

Many people enter the real estate profession every year as new real estate agents. They have dreams and goals related to making real estate their career. In addition, many want to become successful real estate agents. However, the reality of the real estate profession hits a lot of new real estate agents right between the eyes within the first few weeks.

Many new agents discover that finding real estate listings, showing homes, acquiring real estate listings, and making real estate sales is not easy. The truth is that the real estate profession is extremely hard, and regrettably a lot of new agents eventually give up. They do not know what to do or how to go about learning what to do on a day-to-day basis to become a successful real estate agent.

There are a variety of things that new real estate agents can do to become successful real estate agents. Yes, finding real estate listings, acquiring real estate listings, and making real estate sales is hard. However, these tasks are not impossible. There are real estate professionals who complete these tasks everyday.

One of the things that new real estate agents do not realize is the importance of real estate training and coaching. Many successful real estate professionals became successful because they took the time to invest in real estate training and real estate coaching.

One of the best companies around for providing real estate training is Real Estate Mavericks. Many real estate professionals new to the real estate profession along with experienced real estate professionals have become successful with the help of Real Estate Mavericks.

While still providing a solid real estate foundation, Real Estate Mavericks take a different approach to real estate training and coaching. The goal is to provide relevant real estate information, tips, techniques, methods, and formulas that have helped contribute to the real life success of the man behind Real Estate Mavericks, Greg Hague.

Greg Hague is a real estate coach and trainer who offers real estate training and coaching based on the actions that have made him one of the most successful real estate professionals around today. He understands the frustrations of new and veteran real estate professionals because he has been there himself. He learned how to overcome the various road blocks that frequently prevent many real estate professionals from becoming successful in the real estate profession, and he shares the knowledge he has acquired over the years to help others through his real estate training and coaching.

For real estate professionals who are looking to become successful real estate professionals, sometimes a different approach needs to be taken. Real Estate Mavericks provides a different real estate training method that provides proven results. Many new and veteran real estate professionals have learned the different approach to real estate training and coaching offered by Real Estate Mavericks, and this different approach has helped many of them become successful real estate professionals.

Offering an Opportunity for the Middle and Lower Class to Invest

Brad Reifler can be defined as a serial entrepreneur because of the businesses he has established over the years. He is well known as the chief executive officer and founder of Forefront Capital Management. Brad also pioneered Forefront Advisory. Both corporations offer experienced guidance within the forex markets and various other commodities. Brad Reifler is highly qualified in business with a combined experience of 30 years as evidenced by CrunchBase.

Reifler Trading Corporation was formed in 1982 immediately after Brad graduated from the Bowdoin College with an economics and political science degree. The company focused on global derivatives thus creating a niche in the market. Refco purchased the company due to its success. After the success of Reifler Trading Corporation, he established his second business, Pali Capital. His success streak continued at Pali Capital. In the 13 years that he served as the chief executive officer and chairman of the company, Reifler took the company to soaring profits of over $200 million. In the process, the company opened offices across the United States, UK and Australia.

Presently, Brad Reifler is a highly sought after adviser due to his vast experience and the popularity of his investment advice. Many investors seek his services due to the volatile nature of the commodity markets as well as foreign exchanges. Over the years, Brad has made a number of public appearances and has spoken widely on how people especially the middle and lower class can make investments for their future. Outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Reuters, and MarketWatch have carried out this project.

With an objective to provide meaningful ways through which the middle and lower class can invest, Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital created Forefront Income Trust in 2014. The unique investment program caters for the financial needs of unaccredited investors. Forefront Income Trust is a product of due diligence, extensive, and careful analysis. The fund provides non accredited investors an opportunity of investing a minimum of $2500 every quarter with an option of adding to or making a withdrawal. The fund is not correlated to the equity markets and is created to reduce risks and provide diversification.

The fund does not make money until the investor makes 8% and for all the direct investments, it donates 3% to military and veteran families. Forefront Income Trust offers partial liquidity to investors by buying back shares on a quarterly basis. The investments consist of specialty finance opportunities as well as unique asset backed loans that are unique and can be sourced either directly or indirectly.

Brad Reifler keeps is an outspoken community member. He is instrumental in helping people with innovative ways of gaining financial freedom and plan for their future. He serves in number of advisory boards. Brad was a Millbrook School Trustee and chairman of the Finance Committee.

Slyce Could Change The Way Retailers Relate To Customers

Landing on the Fortune 500 list means a corporation has achieved great success and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. Fortune 500 companies do not try to rest on their laurels. The companies seek to grow. A Fortune 500 toy retailer signed a contract with Toronto’s Slyce to integrate visual search software and discount coupon codes into its online sales. The toy company is very thrilled with having chosen to work with Slyce. Revenues are going to be doubled during the term of the contract with Slyce.

Slyce is a startup that offers – among other things – product recognition software and apps designed to help customers locate merchandise based on the ability to match a photo via an app. Rather than go through a cumbersome “typing text into a box” search, a consumer is able to run an image through a website.

Such a program does more than help out the consumer. The retailer definitely benefits from the purchases. Slyce is looking to greatly help out retailers even more. The arrival of Slyce Link is intended to present shoppers with alternatives to their primary choice.

Why would the consumer need to look at a secondary choice? The original might not be sold by a particular retailer. The item might be out of stock. Upon performing a search, the customer is going to see visual images of similar products. An innovative software program of this nature could keep a host of retailers from losing money. Customers who purchase second choices are still making a buy. Companies do need to make sales and Slyce Link could help keep those numbers up.

MarketWired goes into great detail about Slyce Link and the toy retailer event. Those wishing to learn a bit more about the intriguing product recognition company named Slyce may wish to read the entire article.

Here Are Different Kinds Of Beneful Dog Foods

Beneful is a very popular brand for good reason. The ingredients that are used in the production of Beneful are always the highest quality. Beneful does cost more than most dog foods, but this is in all fairness because the other dog foods in stores that are cheaper than Beneful in comparison use much lower quality ingredients and maybe not even real meats and vegetables.

Beneful makes dry dog foods in many flavors and for a few different purposes, and . One of the specialty lines produced by Beneful is named Beneful Healthy Puppy, which contains all of the nutrients plus some extra that puppies need to live and grow to their full potential. This Healthy Puppy dry dog food product made by Beneful contains chicken, carrots, and peas in a formulation that is easily digested and palatable by puppies and young dogs.

Beneful Healthy Weight is a dog food made to help overweight dogs or those dogs at risk of becoming overweight lose some weight without having to cut out as many rations as food as most dog owners would need to carry out. This specific kind of dog food has chicken, green beans, carrots, and even apples. Very few other brands of dog foods have fruits and vegetables such as green beans and apples, placing Beneful in a very elite class of dog foods.

Wet dog food made by Beneful comes in three different types: Chopped Blends, Medleys, and Prepared Meals on Prepared Meals are pretty interesting as far as dog food is concerned. The food can be heated up in the microwave for pets before eating, or fed to them at room temperature. Medleys are chunks of vegetables and a meat suspended in a liquid that can be strained out of the food prior to consumption.

The dog treats made by Beneful on twitter come in two types: Baked Delights, which are intended to appeal to the dog because they taste good and to be used as a reward; and Healthy Smile, which is meant to help clean the teeth of dogs. As all dog owners know, or all pet owners in general know, it is very hard to clean a pet’s teeth, so the pet will have to chew on something that is abrasive enough to clean a dog’s teeth. Healthy Smile dog treats fill this need for pet owners, along with providing dogs with what they think is a tasty treat.