Citadel CEO Ken Griffin Excels in Business and Philanthropy

Ken Griffin is an American-born hedge fund manager who has achieved tremendous success throughout his career.
Most notable among his achievements is his role as founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, a global investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois. In 1990 Griffin founded Citadel with about $4 million. He has since grown the company into one of the largest management firms in the world, worth approximately $25 billion. Analysts suggest that Griffin may take the firm public in a 2016 initial public offer.
Griffin has a 2015 estimated net worth of $7 billion. He has appeared numerous times in Forbes magazine’s “Forbes 400” list as Citadel’s CEO. He made this list for the first time in 2003 at the age of 34, making him the youngest self-made person on the list. Griffin has also received other accolades, such as making the “Global 100” list in CFO Magazine in 2002, as well as Fortune magazine’s list of the wealthiest Americans.
In addition to his successful business endeavors, Griffin is also a noted philanthropist. He has donated approximately $500 million to various programs throughout his career, many of which are based in Chicago. Many of these donations came from the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation, which pledged more than $100 million to charitable organizations. Among the most noted gifts from the foundation were a $16 million donation to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and over $13 million to the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, which works to help low-income preschoolers in Chicago close the achievement gap.
Perhaps most notable among his philanthropic efforts was his 2014 gift of $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard. Griffin received his undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard. The money was donated largely to go towards need-based undergraduate financial aid and was the largest single gift in Harvard’s history at the time.
Griffin is also an active art buyer, which is another interest that has influenced his philanthropic efforts. Griffin has made sizable donations to art institutions, such as a $19 million gift to the Art Institute of Chicago. Griffin also serves as a Board of Trustees member for several art institutions, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum, and the University of Chicago.
For example, Griffin donated $2.5 million to Bruce Rauner, who was an Illinois gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party. On the other side of the aisle, Griffin has donated almost $1 million to Democrat Rahm Emanuel.

What About Seasonal Wikipedia Writing?

Writing for Wikipedia could prove very helpful for a business looking to draw attention to itself. While Wikipedia is intended to be a purely factual online encyclopedia, the site also has the potential to be an excellent promotional source. No, the entry cannot directly market a product, service, or company, but it can talk about it. Traffic flows to the entry from the search engines all throughout the year.

What if the business is seasonal in nature? Traffic is only going to spike during certain seasons of the year when holidays matching the scope of the business arrive. Is there a way to enhance the traffic during the year? With skilled and effective writing that takes the need for yearly traffic into account, a Wiki page never has to experience ten months of lulls in visitors.

A perfect example of how to build yearly traffic to a so-called seasonal Wiki page would be to add peripheral information related to the main subject. For example, a store may be in the business of selling Halloween costumes. The bulk of the traffic to such a page is going to arrive in late September and end on October 31st, maybe earlier. By adding a section on the most popular costumes and then expanding on the history of the popular costumes, more traffic may be drawn during the rest of the year. For example, a section on vampire and werewolf costumes could also mention aspects of the folklore associated with these creatures.

Halloween is one example. Historical aspects related to Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Christmas all aid in expanding the Wiki page, adding more content for the search engines, and, hopefully, drawing in a decent amount of traffic.

The page does have to be rather smooth and flow well. Getting off-topic and padding out the page is going to undermine its value. This is why a professional writer has to be at the helm.

The Wikipedia writers and editing service Get Your Wiki has the professionals capable of effectively crafting unique sites of this nature. Actually, all sorts of different Wiki pages can be created, edited, managed, and monitored by Get Your Wiki.

Susan McGalla Leads Women In The Executive Work Force

As far as women have come in assuming prestigious positions of leadership, there is still a long way for women to go before we can claim to have equality with men in a number of crucial arenas. One of the greatest advancements we have seen in the 21st Century, however, is the creation of more female friendly environments that take into account the differing needs of men and women. In spite of the fact that the workforce is comprised of both men and women who are parents, women often continue to shoulder a heavier parenting load than their male counterparts, which places a greater strain on women in the workplace.

Telecommuting and the ability to set more flexible schedules are two advancements in the workplace that have had definite benefits to women in particular. Another thing that has been of benefit to women, however, is an overall shift in society’s viewpoints toward who is “supposed” to stay home and be the primary caretaker of children and who is “supposed” to enter the workforce to provide financially for the family. More and more, couples are able to determine for themselves what makes the most sense for them, and what is most optimal for their children.

One woman who understands full well the struggles and challenges of being a woman in the executive level workforce is Pittsburgh, PA powerhouse Susan McGalla. McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company, where she held a number of marketing and managerial positions before being hired as an executive with the American Eagle Outfitters brand in 1994. When she first arrived at American Eagle, it was heavily weighted towards the masculine, with no women on the board or in executive positions. To the company’s credit, however, McGalla excelled there and was given ample opportunity to rise through the ranks, eventually becoming president and chief merchandising officer.

As the daughter of a football coach who didn’t treat her any differently than her brothers, McGalla was raised to work hard and to confidently express ideas regardless of who she is talking to. She is also capable of talking about sports as avidly as she is able to talk about shopping, which gives her the ability to relate well to men and women alike and to move confidently in both worlds.

In early 2009 according to, McGalla ventured outside of the shelter of corporate employment and went into business for herself, offering her services as a private consultant for both retail and financial investment industries. In 2011 she was appointed as CEO of Wet Seal Inc., before becoming the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where she remains today. But one of McGalla’s earlier experiences showed her just how uncomfortable the general public can be with those that defy specific gender “boxes.” When she mentioned in her application that she had been taught that she was a person, not a man or a woman, they asked her if she could write something else.

Ken Griffin and His Secret To Achieving His Goals

Ken Griffin is a well experienced professional who has ventured into business and has been able to explore different markets while executing his duties. He is among reliable professionals who have been able to offer guidelines that have helped make life better for many people. Ken Griffin has contributed to the development of different businesses and his advice and contribution has always been treasured by many. He has also helped different young people to understand how to handle different markets as well as dealing with different technologies to make business better. Ken Griffin can be termed as a mentor and a considerate being as he has supported different humanitarian programs that have helped to change the lives of many people.

One of the greatest achievements Ken Griffin has made so fat is having the ability to come up with creative ideas and sticking to his resolve. Since when he was a small child, he maintained his dedication to learn about different business models and systems that have been useful to offering business success. Ken Griffin is one person who does not give in easily and his dedication has been displayed in the many projects he has handled. Instead, he has always taken challenges in a positive way and this has allowed him to learn more about business and innovation.

While in high school, Ken Griffin spent most of his time doing research and reading about different people who have succeeded in the business world. His great enthusiasm and zeal to gain stability in the business world has been displayed in many ways and has been able to learn how to manage a business in the competitive world. Most of his favorite topics were on business and this is something that motivated his teachers to offer him more resources that could help to nurture his passion.

He successfully completed high school and received an invitation to join the Harvard University, where he would pursue economics. Ken Griffin saw this as a great opportunity to help him achieve his goals and develop his talent further. While in his first year, he embarked on a research mission that would help him get more information that could help in running a business better.

Ken Griffin came up with an idea of starting a business when he went through an encouraging article in the Forbes Magazine, which offered solutions to different business models and helped young and aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how they can start their businesses and manage to catch up with the soaring competition. Ken Griffin took this information as a benefit and got the motivation to launch a business while in campus. He lacked sufficient capital, so he resorted to offering shares, which many bought. After graduating, he managed to come up with a better strategy that would help him launch the biggest hedge fund, Citadel.

Strides in Content Discovery by Rebranded Rover

Flipora is a company that has existed with the main aim of its clients with the kind of content that they are interested in using online platforms. They have developed a mobile phone app that is on stores. The application has a wide range articles, news and stories that are placed in categories such that users can choose to read what only interests them. Over time, like in any other business, there is need for a change. Flipora is seeking to rebrand itself to Rover, a clear move to make that Rover is the best application in accessing motivating, inspiring and interesting content on the web- which is always plenty.

Rover will be the ultimate companion to man that aims at satisfying curiosity through content discovery. Rebranding its mission as going to places where no man has adventured before for new experiences, the company focuses on making personalized web discoveries and inspiring wonder reality content for its users. In order to offer these services, Rover uses machines that are taught and learn like human brain. Machines are taught on how to go into other search engines to look for what the user is interested in then store the information and has the ability to learn new changes, even changes in user preference and interests.

Rover now believes that the rebranding reflects the way content interpretation and recommendation works and how it will work in the future. The rebranding comes at a time when Flipora has received funding from Silicon Valley Investors, experts in artificial intelligence with executives from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, due to continued product growth and development. The rebranding sees a couple of new strategies being launched like users being able to control home feed, being able to follow leaders and trendsetters in the field of interest and see what they are sharing across their social media platforms, changing the way Flipora conducted operation to one that offers a minimalist style- keeping focus on fast and fun content discovery, advances meant to improve accuracy and speed in content discovery through developments in Rover’s content recommendation that uses experts in some topics and lastly users being able to share and like content discovered by simply swiping right and left to return to home feed.


The Aspire Apartments: Another Addition To The Great Track Record For Boraie Development

New Brunswick, New Jersey has a population of over 55,000 people. It is famous for it’s medical facilities and being home to large corporations like Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers-Squibb. It is located on the south bank of the Raritan River. New Brunswick has lovely gardens and parks in which two won National Awards.
New Brunswick now has something new to offer. It is now home to a brand new 17 story high rise luxury apartment facility. It is called the Aspire and it’s construction was just completed this year. This is no ordinary apartment building. The Aspire has everything to offer anyone looking for top of the line luxurious living.
Located in the heart of New Brunswick at 135 Somerset Street, these futuristic upscale apartments offer a choice of a studio apartment or 1 to 2 bedroom apartments furnished with the sleekest and most elegant accessories such as; modern designer kitchens with counter tops made of real Quartz, stainless steel kitchen appliances, beautiful wood flooring in the living areas accented with designer area rugs and fully carpeted bedrooms and a balcony. One can also head up to the sky deck, sit back and relax while viewing the city. This isn’t all by far. The Aspire also has it’s own fitness center, a library and an attached parking area along with an area for bike storage.
The Aspire is surrounded by the liveliness of the city. Say hello to Aspire’s Doorman as you head out to enjoy the cafes, clubs or restaurants.
Manhattan is only 27 miles Southwest of New Brunswick and the train station is within minutes of walking distance from the Aspire Apartments. How convenient!
Behind every great building is a great developer. The Boraie Development LLC is behind the Aspire. With over 30 years of an excellent developing record, they have become the highest in demand in the state of New Jersey.


Growing up, my father had a passion for classic cars and it’s only natural that his habits passed down to me. Back then the technology had yet to reach the automation levels of today. Car engines and transmission were almost purely mechanical.

Automation is meant to increase efficiency by reducing energy input while improving output levels. In the process, the reduced input of energy makes us a bit lazy. Take the classic example of basic arithmetic work that was traditionally done using sticks, pebbles and fingers. Today we have calculators for that. The tragedy is that we get used to calculators to the point that basic arithmetic like (13+ 42)-50 may give us headaches.

The natural learning curve is significant because it triggers a mind to overcome. In this case practice is the only way to gain a skill. Let’s get back to cars. The vehicles coming out of production lines today are sophisticated machines that utilize cutting-edge technology. So, how do you retain the sophistication of the modern era while enjoying the skill of driving?

Driving is an acquired and practiced skill. It involves a synergy and understanding between your mind, eyes, ears, hands and legs. According to Marc Sparks, a learner has to perfect core competencies such as engine revving, steering balance, clutch release and acceleration over a period. According to the author, it’s one of those things we get better at with time.

I have discovered over the years that driving manual transmission vehicles develops a bond between man and machine. As a driver, I know how to handle my car, when it needs a high or low gear, when to accelerate for more power and so on. Marc Sparks feels this relationship breeds confidence on the road and in everyday life.


Driving an automatic car almost gives me the feeling that I am riding a toy. As a car enthusiast I, never turn down the opportunity to drive a manual stick. I also don’t mind instructing drivers who are interested in learning this skill. The future of manual transmission cars looks dim but still manufacturers would make manual shifts if demand went up. Any person like Marc Sparks who thinks of themselves as a skilled driver must have the necessary skill of operating a manual stick. Learn today.


Beneful Dog Food Is A Good Choice For Many Reasons

There are many different types of dog food brands on the market to choose from. It can be hard to know which type to choose, especially if you have never had a dog before. Some of the most important things to consider are cost, ingredients, taste, and location the food was made in. These factors are why many people choose to feed their dogs Beneful dog food.

Beneful dog food is a good choice for many families’ pets for many reasons. One major factor is the cost and availability of the food. Beneful is sold at thousands of retailers across the country. It is sold at a mid range point that makes it affordable for families on a budget.

One of the reasons that Beneful is cost efficient is because it is a domestically made product. The brand is made by the company Nestle Purina. Nestle Purina’s headquarters are located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The company has been in the food production industry for over 80 years. They have factories located in various locations, throughout the United States, to manufacture their products. The company has manufacturing plants in other countries too. However, they advertise that 99% of all their goods sold in the United States are made in the United States.

The health of the family pet is another reason why many people choose Beneful. The FDA, USDA, and AAFCO set standards for products, such as human and animal foods, that companies must adhere too. Nestle Purina has made it their company mission to insure their products meet, and exceed, these standards.

Nestle Purina has implemented many different tests, procedures, and strategies to ensure these goals and standards are met. They company is also using technology to track the ingredients used to make dog food. This allows them to track the ingredients from their origin all the way to the bag sold at the store. This allows them the ability to track, and eliminate, any compromised products. This helps eliminate the risk of pets getting sick.

I personally feed my dogs Beneful dog food. I have four large dogs and they eat a lot. I like knowing I can purchase food for my animals that was made here in America. It helps to keep our economy stronger and our citizens working. I also like that the cost is fairly low for the amount of food that I receive.

A Savvy Alternative to High Priced Men’s Shoes

Today’s sharp dressed man is looking for handmade quality, and the British shoe wear industry is pumping out leather shoes with heritage designs with artisan quality on In the 80s shoe manufacturers thinned out due to the economy, but those that stayed in are cashing in on the change from commodity fashion to luxury style and design. Styles are limited to about 1,500 of any single design, but the low production number is causing hefty price tags. Starting at about $6,000 a pair, the investment isn’t easy on the wallet. Fortunately, there is an alternative, Paul Evans.

When Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript attended Tulane University they wanted to dress up, but found the prices daunting. The savvy young financiers came up with the idea to form their own company, and they searched Europe for that perfect manufacturer that could deliver shoes with high quality leathers at a low cost. After visiting Spain and Portugal their quest took them to Naples, Italy where they found an old world style family manufacturer who has forgotten more about leather than Thom McAn ever knew. The result was Paul Evans, a new and exciting quality shoe company for men.

The leather used is top quality, and supple with old world style craftsmanship at very affordable prices. They manage to keep their costs down by selling exclusively online. The Paul Evan’s company is located in New York, but the factory is in Naples. A return policy offers free returns for up to one full year, and there are no conditions apply to the return policy.

Their fashion lines are named after celebrities. There is a Martin whole cut, and a Cagney oxford, a Stewart loafer, a Dean boot, a Portier monk strap, a McQueen driving shoe and even a high top sneaker. The shoes are available in different colors, and matching belts and bags and other accessories were added to compliment their shoes. Shoe prices range about $350.00 on average, but the quality matches and often surpasses the pricey British dress shoes. Sizing is easy, and their shoes run about a full size larger than the average American shoe, so if you wear a size nine you will want to order a size eight from Paul Evans.

The factory has only 37 artisans, but pre-ordering is available for out of stock designs. Blake stitching is used in the construction, and it creates a comfortable and durable shoe. Only the finest Italian calfskin is used, and the leather grows more attractive with age.

What Everyone Needs to Learn About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a leading technology investor who has ventured into ensuring all the technological innovations he has handled are fit for different industries. He is one creative individual and his zeal to learn new things has led to the development of different business software that has been adopted world over by leading companies. Shaygan Kheradpir is a graduate and has been crowned for the great contributions he has made to the field of science. His motivation and focus to achieving his goals has seen him achieve more than any other person would imagine. Shaygan Kheradpir is also well versed with different business models and has been instrumental in offering advice to different young investors.

Although he traces his origin from Iran, where he was born, he spent most of his time as a child in London. His father was a well educated professional doctor and offered much advice to the development of Shaygan Kheradpir. Obedience and having patience set Shaygan Kheradpir among top student during his high school times. He attended high school education in Switzerland, something that offered him a different picture about life. His mind got opened to get a broader picture about life and this is what has been offering him the ability of making useful decisions that are relevant for different markets.

Upon successful completion of his high school education, he proceeded to the Cornell University in U.S., where he pursued electrical engineering. His dedication and zeal to learn new concepts allowed him to come up with new innovations that would help to make business better. This is something that earned him respect and recognition among his peers in school and most of his teachers were encouraged to offer him a wider avenue where he could hone his skills further. He later graduated from the university with a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, something that offered him a perfect opportunity to venture into business and tech.

Following the great qualifications that he held, many companies were ready to take him to help in implementing different projects they had in progress. Shaygan Kheradpir joined the GTE Corporation, which served as his first employer. The company had been searching for a reliable professional to handle their laboratories, specifically managing network issues. This is a role that Shaygan Kheradpir managed perfectly and he was able to come up with useful suggestions that have helped the company to grow. He implemented a strict system that helped get the right software for marketing and networking and this was something that the company had not achieved for many years.

Great work and dedication earned Shaygan Kheradpir respect in the company and was once featured in the Wall Street Journal. The managers of the GTE Corporation saw his great potential and he was promoted to work as the chief communications officer of the company.